Stop the Mosque Truck

Often, residents living close to the site of a proposed mosque don’t know what a mosque is or how it will impact on their lives.

To highlight the noise pollution they will have to live with we drove trucks around Bendigo (VIC) and Currumbin (Gold Coast QLD).

We will make a special recording that includes the islamic call to prayer for any groups opposing mosques. The islamic call to prayer is traditionally broadcast from loudspeakers placed on the minaret (the tall tower attached to mosques). The first call to prayer starts at just before dawn. Moslems pray five times a day. Can you imagine what it’s like to live near a mosque and hear this annoying call all day long?

Our recording helps residents understand what they will be forced to live with if they allow the mosque to go ahead.


Stop the Mosque truck in Bendigo

We will also lend and send any anti-mosque group the STOP THE MOSQUE banners to put on the side of the truck.

All you need is to have the recording on your mobile phone and plug it into a portable PA system. You can hire one, or perhaps one of your members will have one available.

We need to raise awareness of what having a mosque is like in the neighborhood. Broadcasting the call to prayer as you drive the truck around really gets the attention of local residents.

We have been stopped by the police, but as it is perfectly legal to drive a truck around broadcasting a message there is nothing they can do to stop us. However, we recommend that you only drive the truck for one hour at a time, and don’t stop anywhere for longer than a minute or two.

To help drive your message home you might also like to have activists walking alongside the truck handing out flyers explaining what will happen if a mosque is built.