Islamic Arson Jihad


~ By Mike Holt

Geelong: Old churches converted to mosques are going up in flames around Australia

UPDATE: March 31, 2017

The Arson continues with an old Anglican church on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula has been ravaged by flames in a suspicious blaze. The fire broke out at the Holy Trinity Anglican church in Hastings just after 4am and was completely engulfed when five fire crews arrived.

As we have seen with other fires mentioned in this article, witnesses reported hearing explosions before the Church Street building quickly became consumed.

Read more at Mornington Peninsula arson attack

Islam has been carrying out a series of arson attacks against Australia, yet most Aussies are not even aware it’s happening.

In the last two years there have been news reports in the media about the attacks, but our government and the police don’t seem to have  connected the dots that clearly show that these fires are part of a concerted attack against us.

Phil Gallea arrested
Phil Galea, an Australian patriot, was arrested under spurious circumstances

On August 6, 2016, Australia woke to the news that a “notorious extremist with links to Reclaim Australia”, Phillip Galea, had been arrested after a series of anti-terror raids across Melbourne.

The media made it sound like a rabid group of right wing terrorists were preparing a major terrorist attack. But our investigation has proved otherwise.

As usual, the media got it wrong. Philip Galea was not a member of Reclaim Australia. But the media has been desperate to find anything at all to discredit the spontaneous patriot movement that has sprung up out of Australian’s disillusionment with our own government and it’s support for islam.

The question was, Why would an unknown group of Australian patriots be preparing a terrorist attack? Who were they going to attack? What was their motive?

The media conveniently neglected to tell us. Instead, they published huge headlines screaming that Australia had been saved from a rabid bunch of terrible Australian terrorists.

The truth was nowhere near as exciting.


Despite the raids on so many suspected Australian terrorists, the police only arrested Philip Galea.

The anti-terrorism laws they used to arrest him were designed to give our police the power to hold a suspected terrorist indefinitely without the need for a trial.

Yet, they turned this law against one of our own Australian citizens with no links to any known terrorist group. Certainly, Reclaim Australia could never be considered a “terrorist” group. All their rallies have been peaceful. The only violence was caused by the radical left wing socialists, the Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Alliance.

As the weeks went by with no word about Galea’s fate we kept asking what had happened to him. Something was definitely fishy.

No one had any answers. None of his friends in Melbourne had heard anything, or if they had they were not game to say anything on the phone.  It is well known that the police are  monitoring our phones. Yet, the silence about Phil’s fate was deafening.

Then one day in November 2016 I received a call out of the blue from Phil himself.

He told me that he was still under arrest. He was calling from a psychiatric assessment center where he had been sent after much hard work by his lawyer. Phil sounded happy.

I asked him why.

As soon as he was arrested, he said, a police psychiatrist had interviewed him and declared him insane. This meant that the police did not have to give him a trial. And because he was being held under a Secure Treatment Order he was forced to undergo treatment for mental illness.

Using this ploy the police and politicians thought they could shut him away and keep him silent.

But Phil’s lawyer finally got the police to let Phil be assessed by an independent psychiatrist at the Thomas Embling Hospital on November 11. That psychiatrist declared him sane, and competent to face a trial.

Phil Galea’s mental health clearance

As we spoke on the phone I was recording our conversation, which was later broadcast on an internet radio station to the whole world. The interview and transcript can be found here: Phil Galea Interview

Patriots around the world were incensed that the Australian government is trying to frame Phil using fake accusations.

So, why did the police arrest Philip Galea as a suspected terrorist?


The truth is, the police and the socialist Victorian ALP government wants to get their hands on a book Phil has written called The Patriot’s Handbook. They don’t know what is in the book but they fear it is designed to teach people unhappy with the government how to resist….perhaps even start a revolution!

The raids they carried out on the other patriots’ homes were an attempt to find the original manuscript. However, that backfired on the police as none of the patriots had seen a copy. Nor had they committed any crimes, so the police, unable to arrest anyone else, were left with egg on their face.

Phil, aware that he was under police surveillance before his arrest, had stashed  the book manuscript with someone who is not associated with anyone in the patriot movement. The police still do not know who this person is, or where the manuscript is.

Phil told me that the manuscript will be produced as evidence in his upcoming trial, and after the trial he will publish the book.

He hasn’t told me what is in the book either, but after speaking many times with Phil I doubt he would publish a book that urges people to carry out terrorist attacks against our own government. He is, first and foremost, a patriot who loves Australia. Indeed, he has been at the forefront of efforts to protect our nation from the real terrorists among us, the islamists.

Phil had been watching the antics of the loopy left socialists, taking photos of them at their favourite coffee haunts, and even trying to talk to some of them. But as he was not breaking any laws the police had no reason to arrest him for that.

So what triggered such a massive police and media effort against a group of defenseless patriots?


In March 2015 we saw the first report of an arson attack against St Mary’s church in St Kilda East. Soon after that, St James church in Brighton went up in flames. Some of us on the internet discussed these fires at the time and wondered if islamists had started the fires. Two churches going up in flames at virtually the same time looked a little suspicious, to say the least. But there was nothing in the news to indicate who had set the fires.

Since then more churches have been burned down, not only in Victoria but in other states as well. We believe at least 18 churches have been attacked in Victoria, NSW and Queensland over the last two years. The media has either not reported most of the fires, or they have linked them to a paedophile ring and their victims.

A paedophile ring?

This just didn’t make any sense. Why would paedophiles want to burn down churches, just because a small number of priests were paedophiles? The victims were already taking a legal course of action. It is highly unlikely they would resort to burning down churches. Yet that is what the police and the media wanted us to believe in the few reports about the church fires that were published at the time. However, reports about most of the church fires didn’t even make it any further than the local media…if at all.

We can’t blame the media for not reporting the truth. They are told what they can and cannot publish by the media owners, who in turn are “guided” by the police and government. If a journalist does manage to publish anything “sensitive” they risk losing their jobs, or worse.

So Phil Galea started investigating the church burnings on his own, because he realized how many churches were burning down for no discernible reason and the media was not telling us what was going on.

His investigations led him to Detective Senior Constable Matt Rizman of the Arson and Explosive Squad, Spencer Street Melbourne.

From his meetings with Rizman, Phil found out that the police were only investigating the fires on a case by case basis. They were not looking for any links between the fires or the perpetrators. If they had been, they would have realized that they needed to set up a state-wide, or even an Australia-wide, task force.

Phil was horrified to learn that the police had not even made a map showing the locations of the church fires, as he had. It was by making the map and correlating other information he gathered from various sources that Phil quickly deduced that there is a coordinated attack on churches throughout Australia. It also quickly became clear that islam was behind the attacks.

When Phil presented his evidence to Rizman the policeman admitted that the police knew the islamists were setting the fires but they couldn’t do anything about the perpetrators.

As he expanded his research, Phil realized that the fires in Melbourne were remarkably similar to church fires in Geelong, and later on in other areas too. For example, in Queensland there were two attempts to burn down an old Christian church the islamists had bought in Toowoomba and converted to a mosque. CIRNow even reported that Australians had seen the moslems throwing down the cross from the roof of the building to show they had triumphed over Christianity. See the report here: Why Oppose Mosques?

Of course, as the legal owners of the property they were entitled to do whatever they liked with it, within the law. But it was obvious from their behaviour that they considered buying a church and converting it into a mosque was a strong political statement. They have done the same thing numerous time around the world. They have even named the Sydney Auburn mosque the “Gallipoli Mosque” to insult us with the  slaughter wreaked on our ANZACS. Never mind that the slaughter was a result of the British treating our Diggers as cannon fodder, to be expended without a second thought. The moslems are only concerned with showing off islam’s destruction of the Christian west.

In fact, this is why they also wanted to name the mosque they proposed building next to the site of the Twin Towers in New York the Cordoba mosque. Again, this was to show that islam had triumphed over the Christians at Cordoba. Islam lives in the past and never forgets a victory or a loss.

Toowoomba mosque arson succeeds on second attempt

There were two attempts to burn down the church/mosque in Toowoomba. In the first arson attempt someone set a series of small fires using toilet paper scattered throughout the building. The arsonist also left the gas tap on, but as is often the case with the incompetent islamists they couldn’t do the job properly and the building was only slightly damaged….you could say the attempt was shiite.

Then, less than two months later CCTV security footage showed a hooded man crossing the car park in the night, and then casually walking away again a few minutes later just as the whole building burst into flames.  Police later confirmed that an incendiary device (Molotov cocktail) had been thrown through a window. This time, the fire succeeded in destroying the mosque.

The Toowomba mosque founding president, Dr Shahjahan Khan, is linked to Oliver Bridgeman, the Australian teen accused of traveling to Syria to join ISIS. Bridgeman attended the Toowoomba mosque at times. He was sure to have engaged in some interesting discussions with Khan. Yet Khan vehemently denies any involvement in the radicalization of Bridgeman.

Khan is linked to AFIC, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, which is well known to have links to overseas terrorist organizations.

Not surprisingly, Khan also denied that the fires at his mosque were set by islamists. Lying is standard operating procedure for islam, as the koran states in verses (sura) 16:106, 3:28, 40:28, 2:225, 3:54 that islamists are compelled to lie to infidels (non-moslems) if lying promotes islam. This type of lying is called taqiyya, or tawriya, or kitman or muruna. Therefore, we find it very difficult to believe anything Khan says.

The media also tried to cover up the fact that the fires were suspected arson. Nor would they say anything about islamists being suspected of the arson.

But the media did make a big fuss about the many well-known islamists and some left wing appeasers who sent letters of support to Mr Khan after the fires, including President of the Islamic Council of Victoria Ghaith Kreyam (banned from practicing law in 2004), Habib Jamal of Gold Coast, Dr Mark Copland of Catholic Justice Commission (a traitor to Australia), Ali Kadri of Holland Park (a well-known islam apologist and promoter of more mosques), Yusuf Limbada of Brisbane, Dr Shamim Siddiqui of Roma, Muhammad Yusuf (investigated over phantom debt secret payments) of Brisbane, and a phone call from Dr John McVeigh, Agriculture Minister of Queensland, among many others….all scurrying to show their support for islam against Australia.


The islamists buy old churches because they are already designated as a place of worship, so they do not have to bother dealing with the council to re-zone them. Once they own a church they can do whatever they like with it, including insuring the building.

It has been a common practice overseas to burn down churches and then claim the insurance to get the money to build a new mosque in its place.

Because Phil has been deeply involved in fighting against the islamization of Australia he saw, as many of us have, the similarity between the church burnings here in Australia and overseas nations. It has been common practice in various European countries to buy and burn churches for many years now, including in the UK.

Despite reports in some patriot media and on the internet about a worldwide islamic arson conspiracy, the media rarely report the truth about the fires. Instead, when they do publish anything they try to blame it on almost anyone except the obvious culprits.

The Daily Mail, for example, has speculated that the church burnings may be linked to unknown and unnamed arsonists as possible retaliation for refusal to make a controversial Nazi cardinal a saint. Of course, they do not produce any solid evidence. It’s all just speculation and innuendo. Their claim makes as much sense as the accusations that the fires are linked to paedophiles.

Arson attacks started after Reclaim Australia rallies

Phil noted that many of the arson attacks in Australia have happened after national Reclaim Australia rallies against islam.

Another clear indication that islam is involved in burning down churches is the fact that while there were fires throughout 2015 and 2016 there were no fires during the months of Ramadan.


The easiest way to connect the dots is to list when and where the churches were burned down. When seen like this there can be no doubt that Islamic jihadists are carrying out the arson attacks across Australia. We have linked to news reports about each attack so that the reader can check the veracity of the claims made here.

While we have reported on the church burnings we have evidence for, we believe this is only the tip of the iceberg. We believe we will be hearing from people in other states about unexplained church burnings as soon as this article is published.

30th March 2015: St Mary’s Church, St Kilda, Melbourne was a diversionary fire lit by a jihadi placing a fire starter under the door. The door failed to ignite.

Shortly afterwards, around 6.30 am, nearby St James Church in Brighton was burned to the ground. The fire was lit inside the church. Neighbours reported hearing a loud bang just before seeing smoke erupting from the church, indicating that the jihadi’s used an explosive to start the fire.

1st and 6th April 2015: Dandenong’s St Mary’s Catholic Church was destroyed by a fire lit inside the building on the 1st.

St David’s Anglican Church on Doncaster Road went up in flames on 6th April. It is not clear if the fires were lit by the same arsonists, but it is highly likely. We don’t believe in coincidences.

15th April: The Geelong West Presbyterian Church burned down in a suspicious fire

17th April 2015: Toowoomba mosque burned to the ground after the second arson attempt.

13th October 2015: A Bendigo mosque was torched almost immediately after a rally by the United Patriots Front (UPF) against a proposed mosque. Residents reported that they were woken about 2am by a bang so loud that some thought it was thunder or an explosion. Does this sound familiar already?

15th October 2015: St John The Evangelist church in Bannockburn was gutted by fire early in the morning -– although this blaze wasn’t treated as suspicious at the time. The fire started around 4.30am. It was the first church arson outside Melbourne, coinciding with the moslem community request to Geelong Council to permanently abandon its Christmas decorations and public celebrations from 2015 onwards. Instead, the council invested $990,000 in a landmark musical Christmas tree. At the same time the deradicalization program in Geelong schools started experiencing major trouble as academics condemned the program as a failure.

23rd November 2015: Immediately after Australia-wide Reclaim Australia rallies moslems in Orange, NSW painted the word ISIS on a local church and threw a Molotov cocktail through the window. The arson attempt failed to burn down the church. But the message was clear. This time, the media did not attempt to blame the arson attack on paedophiles. Instead, they just reported that the identity of the perpetrators was an “unsolved mystery”.

4th December 2015: Two Geelong churches were burnt down after arson attacks. The first was the Spruhan Avenue Baptist Church, Norlane. After breaking into the building the arsonists set it on fire at approximately 4:15am….yet another similarity to other church burnings. With the diversionary fire burning, they raced around the corner to St Peters Church on Sparks Road where they broke in and at 4:45am set the historic building aflame.

This was the same night that the Geelong council lit their Christmas tree, enraging local moslems. The moslems later tried to destroy the tree. At the same time, Geelong Deakin University spoke out against the deradicalization program. Cutting off funding for it deprived the moslems of revenue; or as they call it the “jizya”, an Islamic tax on infidels. This is how they see the handouts our government gives them so generously.

Police later said they believed the blazes (15 & 17 April, and 13 October and 6 December) were connected.

“This [the mosque fire] is one of a series of fires against places of worship in this area,” Geelong police Inspector Graham Banks said. “There’s been five since September last year … We believe those fires are connected.”

Inspector Banks believes the mosque may have been targeted because the arsonist(s) mistook its bluestone facade for a church, rather than a mosque. (No mistake Inspector…the moslems knew exactly what they were targeting. Follow the money and you’ll see they claimed the insurance so they could build a new mosque.)

The night of jihad was intended to make a grand statement for islam. Instead, the Geelong Advertiser newspaper failed to report anything about the church being burned, nor the attack on the Christmas tree. No other media anywhere reported anything either, which must have enraged the moslems no end.

22th February 2016: After the big arson attacks in Geelong the jihadis realized that there was a coverup. Things went quiet until agents of RA Media, Phil Galea’s media organization, began asking questions of the local imams. In response, the moslems sprayed a swastika graffiti on a Geelong church, trying to make it look like a patriot group (perhaps the UPF?) was responsible.  But the moslems are so inept and foolish they sprayed the swastika back to front, turning it into the Buddhist peace symbol instead. No neo-nazi would make that mistake.

15th March 2016: Twelve months after the first Easter church burning, and again in the lead up to Easter, the jihadis set fire to St Bede’s church in Balwyn North, in Melbourne. The jihadi’s broke in around 4.30 am (as usual) on Sunday morning only to find that security had been beefed up. They fled as alarms alerted police to the break-in. However, the media tried to link attempted arson to two teenage arsonists who had been setting local garbage bins on fire. When that didn’t pan out, the media then tried linking the fire to paedophiles again.

15th April 2016: The heritage listed Presbyterian Church on Pakington Street in Geelong was lost to fire. By this time it was obvious that the same people were setting the fires, as they used exactly the same methods of breaking in and setting the fires. Even though many Geelong residents were openly saying that the moslems were responsible for the spate of fires, a coverup was started. The media was flooded with calls from unidentified people saying that an “average height, average build” white Caucasian male was responsible for the fires. This was the only racial reporting of a suspect made about the fires. There was no indication who the callers to the media were, but it’s not hard to guess.

What was particularly disturbing and insulting about the attempted coverup was an editorial in the Geelong Advertiser blaming the arson attacks on victims of sex abuse and paedophiles. The paper asked people to consider ways these helpless and marginalized people could be better engaged in society using the power of empathy. However, the Advertiser never explained adequately why they thought paedophiles and their victims might target churches when they had already started legal proceedings against the paedophile Catholic priests. It was clear that the media were desperate to blame anyone and everyone except the obvious culprit: Islam.

19th April 2016: Local residents of Sunbury, Victoria had successfully defeated an unwelcome Islamic school application. Days after that, and only just after the last Geelong arson attack, another church was set on fire, St Mary’s Macedonian Orthodox Church at 350 Sydenham Road, Sydenham, just down the road from Sunbury.

22nd April 2016: Emboldened by their success in Sydenham, the jihadis burned down another church (no name given) they had been complaining about for years, as it was located very close to their mosque. They had previously tried to burn down the abandoned church but had failed several times. This time, they succeeded.

2nd May 2016: Yet another church fell victim to the jihadi arsonists, this time the 115-year-old Holy Church of Our Lady in East Melbourne. With Ramadan approaching, the jihadis were desperate to make a strong statement.

The fire caused over $200,000 damage. It burned so fiercely 200 local residents were forced to flee the area until the fire was put out.

This time, the jihadis were emboldened to carry out the arson attack in broad daylight. It appears they used tyres to build the fire, as residents reported a strong smell of burning rubber. However, the islamists failed to burn the church down completely, as the fire brigade was located just around the corner and arrived almost immediately the alarm was raised.

Islam declared war on the west 1,400 years ago. Islam has never stopped that war. In that time, more than 270 million non-moslems have been slaughtered in the name of islam. This figure does not include the millions more moslems killed by their own kind. Nor does it include the millions more Indians and Asians who have suffered at the hands of islam. The final figure is estimated at 100 million more dead.

Islam has waged war on the world with great ferocity at times. At other times, whenever islam was weak, their attacks either slowed down or they became more cunning, using sneaky methods to kill and maim. Either way, islam has never stopped attacking the West.

Fire jihad is just another weapon in the Islamic arsenal. The islamists will use anything they can to undermine and destroy our civilization. Like their Nazi brothers in arms during world war two, islamists are trying to subjugate the whole world to islam.

We can defeat islam, as long as we are aware of their tactics. Armed with that knowledge we can easily thwart their plans and make sure they never gain enough power to destroy us. All we need is the political will supported by an informed and prepared We the People.













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