Why Oppose Mosques?

Why should we oppose mosque building anywhere in Australia?

To understand how to oppose islam and mosque building we can look at the history of Spain. The Moors invaded the Iberian Peninsula in 711 and were not expelled until 1492, the year Christopher Columbus set sail for the Americas. Spain was occupied by islam for more than 700 years!

Spain was forced to fight a deadly battle to get rid of islam. The Inquisition was vicious and deadly. It included giving islamists and Jews three choices; Leave islam, Leave Spain, or Die.

Even if an islamist did leave islam they were often killed anyway because the Spaniards knew they could never be trusted. Even those who leave islam were still in grave danger because according to islam they become apostates who can and must be killed by any moslem anywhere.

The Inquisition eventually rid the nation of all Moors and most Jews, allowing Spain to become a fully Christian country.

Yet, the islamists have never given up their attempts to take back what they conquered back then. ISIS has threatened many times that they intend ‘taking back’ their lost territory of Al-Andalus, the moslem name for Spain.

Once the moslems build a mosque or colonise a territory they view it as a permanent part of the islamic state– the islamic ‘umma’. A mosque is an islamic embassy. The land it stands on is considered by all moslems as islamic land. It no longer belongs to the native people of the land.

Toowoomba mosque razed to the groud by arson. Suspected the fires were set by the moslems themselves

Often, the moslems will buy a disused church, as they don’t need to apply for building permits to conduct their religious business in it. This is what they did in Toowoomba where they climbed up on the roof as soon as they took possession and threw down the Christian cross, breaking it when it hit the ground. This is a symbolic victory for them over Christianity.

Islamic mosques in our western countries are often named after events or places that are deeply significant for moslems. For example, the Auburn mosque is called the “Auburn Gallipoli Mosque”….a clear reference to our greatest loss of men to islam.

The mosque the moslems proposed building next to the  9/11 site in New York City was going to be called the Cordoba Mosque….a symbol of the great great Spanish city they once ruled over in Spain, and now plan to again.

By allowing mosques to be built all over Australia, at last count there were over 300 mosques, we are ceding territory to them without even realising it! This does not include the many more musallahs (prayer rooms) they have imposed on us everywhere, from sports arenas, to bus and train stations, airports, universities, and schools. This website lists most of them: mosque-and-musallas-in-australia

Once a mosque is built the surrounding areas is gradually islamised as well. We can see this already in Sydney and Melbourne, and to a lesser extent in Brisbane, where whole suburbs have become virtual no go areas where ordinary Australians are not welcome to live or even stroll down the street.

The Social Impact of Building a Mosque

Most mosque applications in Australia are to build a mosque much bigger than the needs of the local community. For example, there were only about 150 moslems in Bendigo. About 65 of them were families, and the rest were temporary students at the local University. However, the Bendigo mosque was designed to hold at least 1,000 people. The obvious implication is that they are planning on increasing the moslem population….often by importing more moslems, although natural increase is also planned: Most moslem families have at least 6 to 8 children. Australian families have an average 1.8 children, according to the last census.

In less than 50 years moslems will outnumber us in Australia….just as they are doing in Europe today….if we don’t wake up and do something to stop it!

Muammar Gaddafi said, “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.” — Speech (10 April 2006), quoted in New York Sun (6 September 2009)

The following is what we have observed happening many times overseas. So we can be sure it will happen here too.

  1. Moslems moving into the area will start buying up houses in the vicinity of the mosque. They will approach house owners first with a bag full of money and offer to buy for somewhat less than the current market price. They usually target the old and infirm first. If the homeowner declines, they will make veiled threats. “We are moving into the neighbourhood and soon no white person will want to buy your home, so take our money now, while you can.”
  2. If the house owners will not sell, the moslems will begin a campaign of light terror, throwing stones through the doors and windows, tipping over rubbish bins, letting down car tyres: Petty annoyances designed to instill fear. Then, when the resident can’t take it any more and decides to move the moslems will offer a lot less money and snap up the home for a pittance. They will continue doing this until the suburb has a large islamic population. From that point on it’s all downhill. This has been well documented happening in the UK.
  3. Local businesses will start losing their regular customers as more moslems move into the area. Eventually, the local businesses will either sell out to a moslem or just close the doors and go out of business.
  4. As part of the strategy to move the native locals out of the neighbourhood the moslems will create traffic and parking chaos. During prayers they will double park, or park in or across driveways. If a resident asks them politely to move the moslems just ignore them or threaten and curse them. They may even resort to violence. In many cases they spill out of the mosque, especially on Friday prayers, to block the street and pray.
  5. As a result of the fear engendered by the moslems, residents will postpone going shopping until prayers are finished. Some older people will be too afraid to leave their homes.
  6. Crime  in the area will increase. We know one person who moved away from Lakemba where he had lived for many years because he saw so much crime and violence he was scared for his life. He often saw the moslems streaming out of the mosque after Friday prayers and rampage up the street bashing in car windows and causing other destruction. The police rarely ever intervene. They are either afraid or their hands are tied by political concerns.
  7. We have already seen criminal gangs of moslems grooming and raping young girls. The Skaff group is one such gang. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sydney_gang_rapes). In the UK, grooming gangs have been operating for years. Rotheringham is just the tip of the iceberg. The results are horrifying but very real for the thousands of British families affected: www.answeringmuslims.com/2014/04/british-police-buried-evidence-of.html