Who Owns the Maroochydore Mosque?

Remember this name: Ben Nitschke

Ben-Rina-NitschkeMeet Ben Nitschke, a convert to islam, married to a Japanese moslem, both living in Tasmania.

These two are funding and helping develop the Maroochydore mosque at 14 Church Street.

Who is the driving force behind the Maroochydore Mosque? 

So, who are these people that are interfering in the wonderful laid back lifestyle we currently enjoy on the Sunshine Coast? Why are two foreigners, one a Tasmanian, and one a Japanese, pushing to put a mosque in the middle of our society?

We have already exposed Zonk Johnson, the so-called “surfing imam”, who caused such concern when he was here that Ben fired him. What you may not know is that we here at Islam4Infidels had a big hand in exposing Zonk, his terrorist associations, and his attempts to subvert the people living on the Sunshine Coast.

Once we made sure he was sacked we kept a close eye on him. He fled to the Salafist Slacks Creek Mosque at 16 Queens Rd, Slacks Creek QLD 4127.

The Salafists are the worst of the worst puritanical followers of the Saudi islamic model. These are the islamists who will never integrate into Australian society because they believe they must convert everyone to islam and create a worldwide Caliphate. We have all seen what a Caliphate would look like with these nutters. ISIS was just a taste of what they want.

ToowoombaMosqueBurnedDownSince fleeing to the Salafists Zonk has not done very well. He was banned from speaking at the Toowoomba mosque open day last year.

When we found out he was scheduled to speak we called up the Toowoomba Mayor and asked him why he was associating with a known terrorist sympathizer?

Zonk was very quickly uninvited. But the fact that he was invited at all says plenty about the sympathetic leanings of the Toowoomba mosque imam, Shahjahan Khan.

You might remember him. He’s the bloke who bought a disused Christian church. When he moved in he got his followers to go up on the roof to throw down the cross, breaking it into pieces when it landed. It was very clear from that moment on what his intentions are.

The picture above shows the police keeping people out after Khan tried to burn down the building twice to claim the insurance money and then rebuild a “proper” islamic style mosque complete with onion dome and minaret to call the moslems to pray.

Zonk-surferSince then, Zonk landed and lost a job. It appears that he is having a hard time now that he has lost his deep pockets benefactor, Ben.

Knowing how the islamists love to fight among themselves it’s a sure bet he will upset one of the Salafists soon and he will be out on the street again.

Luckily, Ben Nitschke won’t have a bar of him, so he won’t be bothering us on the Sunshine Coast any more. Despite this, Zonk continues to cause trouble around Brisbane.

He even travels to other states to islamic meetings where he no doubt meets up with other radicals to plot the destruction of Australian society.

Unfortunately, Ben is working hard in the shadows to force the Church Street mosque on us, whether we want it or not. Sunshine Coast citizens have lobbied the Council to try and stop it. Citizens have rallied outside the building in Church street. All to no avail. It appears that money talks louder to the Councilors than the concerns of the people they are meant to be working for.

However, ever since Wayne Goss and Kevin Rudd stole our Democracy with their Reprints Act local councilors no longer work for We the People. All local councils are now answerable only to the State government. Since the Reprints Act affected all state governments each state has passed their own State Planning Laws. This is the Queensland version.

This is the reason citizens cannot stop all the mosques being built everywhere. At last count in April 2018 there were more than 350 mosques. This number is increasing by about 50 mosques every year.

Ben-TraitorBen Nitschke is a shadowy character. So far, we have not been able to find out much about him, except that he obviously has money, the backing of AFIC, and that he is the owner of the MOSC company that bought the property and is redeveloping 14 Church Street into a mosque to serve the few moslems on the Sunshine Coast.

However, his Jewish name gives us a clue to his background. It’s hard to understand why a Jew, the traditional enemies of islam, would defect to the ideology dedicated to killing all the Jews. It does, however, tell us a lot about his intelligence, or lack thereof. What fool defects to the enemy, except a coward and a traitor to the values and civilization he was born into?

We have already seen how converting to islam has affected Zonk’s life. We are sure the same thing is happening to Ben, even if he may not yet be aware of it. Islam is, after all, a corrosive and evil ideology that destroys everyone in some way.

Ben is married to a Japanese woman. At this stage we are not sure if she was born an islamist, or if she converted when Ben did. But history has shown us that Japanese radicals are seldom nice people.

Rina Yoshizawa has already played the victim after she was told in no uncertain terms at an Australian Citizenship ceremony that islam is not welcome in Australia.

According to her, she was left in tears when a man approached her outside of Albert Hall on Friday morning and said she was “following evil” because she was Muslim.

This is typical islamic behaviour. They all cry “victim” whenever anyone has the intestinal fortitude to call them out for their criminal behaviour.


We also know that Ben is closely associated with AFIC, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils that oversees the expansion of islam into every possible corner of Australian society, from sharia banking, to halal certification, supporting Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), allowing underage females to marry older men, flouting our Australian laws in favor of sharia law, and much more.

Ben is close to people like Dr Rateb Jneid, who was arrested in one of the biggest drug busts in Western Australia: http://www.islam4infidels.com/icwa-admits-supporting-terrorism/

He is also associated with ex-Chair of Islamic Studies at Griffith University, Brisbane, “Professor” Mad Mullah Muhammad Abdullah. Since leaving the University he moved to South Australia where he has set up islamic groups to continue imposing islam on Australia.

The more we dig into their associations we see an interconnected web of organizations dedicated to forcing islam on an innocent and largely uninformed population of Australians.

What we can expect in future:

Since setting up the mosque we have noticed that more moslems are moving to the Sunshine Coast. This is the pattern that emerges everywhere. They set up a mosque and then moslems start moving in. Once they gain enough numbers the problems begin. So far, there are not enough of them on the Sunshine Coast to start making their outrageous demands, but that will change soon. And if Ben has his way it will be as soon as possible.

Ben and his MOSC (Muslim Organisation of the Sunshine Coast) team have obviously established a very cosy working relationship with the Sunshine Coast Council, as we can see by this email exchange.

Note: If you read carefully you will see Ben’s phone number. Very handy for anyone who wishes to call him to tell him to stop interfering with our beautiful Sunshine Coast.



and these exchanges between the SCCC employee Charles Cook and Ben…


The question all Sunshine Coast citizens must ask themselves now is, What are we going to do about this invasion by an alien enemy of our Democracy and Freedom?







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