White Race Going?

As the West has matured politically and technically we have become the richest civilization in history. But it has come at a price.

Our population growth has slowed, and in many cases stopped completely. Western women are not having enough babies to ensure population growth, and therefore the survival of our civilization.

The same is not true of the underdeveloped nations that see our great riches and want the same. The UN and the New World Order (NWO) led by George Soros and other billionaires think they have all the answers. They believe that we must create a “brown” race — a single race that shares the privileges and wealth fairly between everyone. Their solution is a One World government, forced assimilation, forced mixing of the races. They are already trying to achieve this by releasing hordes of underprivileged people from Africa and the Middle East to invade Europe and other western nations. This is the typical Communist/Socialist version of utopia.

It will never work.

Our modern society is built on centuries of thought, culture and spiritual development

The “refugees” Soros and his elite are sending to invade the West are incapable of understanding the complex nature of western civilization, making it impossible for them to assimilate and become productive citizens of the nations they are invading. They believe that they will become instantly as rich as the citizens of the west when they arrive.

Reality comes as a severe shock to them when they realize their dreams are impossible to achieve. As a result, many become disaffected and turn to islam so that they have an excuse to take their frustrations out on the civilization they feel has failed them. In fact, the promises made to them by the likes of Soros and the Elite are the real problem.

What these invaders don’t understand is that our western civilization was only achieved by centuries of hard work and adherence to a specific set of laws and cultural beliefs that encourage freedom, creative, intelligent thought, and a striving for excellence.

Other races can never achieve the same level of civilization unless they adopt similar rules that recognize human beings as individuals and engender creativity and empathy as we have.

This is unlikely to ever happen because once a race is locked into a certain way of life through cultural pressures it’s almost impossible to break out. We have seen plenty of evidence of this in India and Africa. Despite centuries of colonial rule, the people of these countries were unable to continue building on the many benefits western culture offered when they forced the white man out.

In Africa, tribalism is an essential party of their lives. Whether an African lives in their traditional homelands or in the city, their tribal cultural patterns influence every facet of their lives. When they threw out their colonial “masters” they were not equipped emotionally to carry on the western civilizing culture. They have always considered themselves lesser people than the white man, which is why they use emotive words like “masters” to describe those they see as superior to them.

The same thing occurs to a slightly lesser extent in India, except the Indians are locked into a rigid social caste system that ensures each caste is kept separate, and therefore unable to aspire to greatness, as we can in the West.

We see other examples of the malaise a rigid social system produces in countries like Malaysia, for example, where the Malays are traditionally indolent and lazy. The main way they achieve any positions of power or wealth is through enacting laws that give them an unfair advantage. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but on the whole this is true.

The USA tried to do something similar recently, calling it affirmative action, but soon realized that it would never help the blacks get anywhere. Today, they understand that the only way to help people is to give them the freedom to make choices themselves. And that can only work if they also have access to a decent education that teaches the concepts of freedom and personal responsibility.

We in the west abandoned tribalism a long time ago. While we do recognize social distinctions to a certain extent, we are not so rigidly locked into them. Anyone may rise from poor beginnings to become rich; not just financially rich, but culturally rich as well.

We have come to realize that the only way to advance our civilization is to give people the freedom to choose. Because of that, many families in the west have chosen not to have big families any more so that they can pursue a richer lifestyle. Having a smaller family means that we have more financial resources available to develop other areas of our lives.

Compare the population statistics of less developed nations with ours today:

India’s Population is 1.334.129.163

China’s Population is 1.385307.532

Africa’s Population is 1.230.590.929

Australia’s Population 24. million

The combined populations of Europe, including the UK and Ireland, is around half of any of the three largest populations. This means that the race is on for the white race to survive.

South Africa             Black 53 Mill          White 3,847,500 Reducing fast

Kenya                            ..     46 Mill             ..        28,000

Mozambique             ..       28 Mill             ..         19,000

Madagascar               ..       24 Mill             ..          120,000

Angola                         ..       26 Mill             ..           200,000 (Mixed)

Namibia                     ..          3 Mill             ..          15,000

Botswana                  ..          2 Mill             ..           60,000  (Most South Africans and Rhodesians – has a White Queen.

Swaziland                 ..          1 Mill             ..           40,000

Zimbabwe               ..         14 Mill             ..           9,000  or less. When the country was called Rhodesia it had approximately 270,000 Whites. However, AiDS is killing Zimbabweans by the thousands. The rest of Africa is practically void of White people, and a huge proportion of the whites are second or third or more  generations. They are locked into the African way of life and have generally lost touch with their western origins.

The EU – (Extracted from Wikipedia)

The EU faces challenges in its demographic future. Most concerns center around several related issues: an ageing population, growing life expectancy and immigrant flow.

The islamic invasion of Europe is designed to destroy the white race

After hitting a historical low of 1.47 children born per female, the total fertility rate of the EU started to increase again, to reach a level of 1.60 in 2008.[25] The positive trend was observed in all member states with the exception of Luxembourg, Malta and Portugal.

The largest increases over this period were observed in Bulgaria (from 1.23 children per woman in 2003 to 1.57 in 2009), Slovenia (from 1.20 to 1.53), the Czech Republic (from 1.18 to 1.49) and Lithuania (from 1.26 to 1.55).[25]

In 2009, the Member States with the highest fertility rates were Ireland (2.06), France (2.00), Sweden (1.94), and the United Kingdom (1.90), all approaching the replacement level of 2.1 children born per female.[25]

The lowest rates were observed in Latvia (1.31), Hungary and Portugal (both 1.32) and Germany (1.36). The increasing fertility rate has also been accompanied by an upward trend in the natural increase of the population which is due to the moderate increase of the crude birth rate that reached 10.9 births per 1000 inhabitants in 2008, an increase of 0.3 compared with 2007. The increase was observed in all member countries except Germany.

The EU crude death rate remained stable at 9.7 per 1000 inhabitants.[21] The relatively low fertility rate means retirement age workers are not entirely replaced by younger workers joining the workforce. The EU faces a potential future dominated by an ever-increasing population of retired citizens, without enough younger workers to fund (via taxes) retirement programs or other state welfare agendas.[26]

A low fertility rate, without supplement from immigration, also suggests a declining overall EU population,[27] which further suggests economic contraction or even a possible economic crisis.[28]

Some media have noted the ‘baby crisis’ in the EU,[29] some governments have noted the problem,[30] and the UN and other multinational authorities continue to warn of a possible crisis.[31]

At this point however such a decrease in the population of the EU is not observed as the overall natural growth remains positive and the EU continues to attract large numbers of immigrants. In 2010, a breakdown of the population by citizenship showed that there were 20.1 million foreign citizens living in the EU representing 4% of the population.[25]

Over the last 50 years, life expectancy at birth in the EU27 has increased by around 10 years for both women and men, to reach 82.4 years for women and 76.4 years for men in 2008. The life expectancy at birth rose in all Member States, with the largest increases for both women and men recorded in Estonia and Slovenia.[25]

This video demonstrates the problem we and our children face:



Population projections

In 2008, EUROPA released projections for 2035 and 2060. Overall the population of the EU would increase to 520 million then decrease to 505 million in 2060.

The table figures below are in thousands.[32]


Population 2008
Population 2035
Percent Change
Population 2060
Percent Change
 Austria 8,404 9,075 7.98% 9,037 7.53%
 Belgium 10,918 11,906 9.05% 12,295 12.61%
 Bulgaria 7,505 6,535 -12.92% 5,485 -26.92%
 Cyprus 804 1,121 39.4% 1,320 64.18%
 Czech Republic 10,533 10,288 -2.33% 9,514 -9.67%
 Denmark 5,561 5,858 5.34% 5,920 6.46%
 Estonia 1,340 1,243 -7.24% 1,132 -15.52%
 Finland 5,375 5,557 3.39% 5,402 0.50%
 France 63,136 69,021 9.32% 71,800 13.72%
 Germany 81,752 79,150 -3.18% 70,759 -13.45
 Greece 11,330 11,575 2.16% 11,118 -1.87%
 Hungary 9,986 9,501 -4.86% 8,717 -12.71%
 Ireland 4,480 6,057 26.04% 6,752 37.51%
 Italy 60,626 61,995 2.26% 59,390 -2.04%
 Latvia 2,230 1,970 -11.60% 1,682 -24.57%
 Lithuania 3,245 2,998 -7.61% 2,548 -21.48%
 Luxembourg 512 633 23.63% 732 42.97%
 Malta 416 429 3.12% 405 -2.64%
 Netherlands 16,655 17,271 3.70% 16,596 -0.35%
 Poland 38,200 36,141 -5.39% 31,139 -18.48%
 Portugal 10,617 11,395 7.33% 11,265 6.10%
 Romania 21,414 19,619 -8.38% 16,921 -20.98%
 Slovakia 5,435 5,231 -3.75% 4,547 -16.34%
 Slovenia 2,050 1,992 -2.83% 1,779 -13.22%
 Spain 47,190 53,027 12.37% 51,913 10.01%
 Sweden 9,416 10,382 10.26% 10,875 15.49%
 United Kingdom 62,436 70,685 13.21% 76,677 22.81%
 European Union 502,489 520,654 3.62% 505,719 0.64%

Given these statistics, we can see that the West faces a problem that must be addressed if western civilization and culture is to survive.

It should be obvious that we need to increase our birthrate. But how do we do that without sacrificing some of the comforts and benefits we have come to expect from our civilization?

This is a challenge we must face up to if the white race is to survive and prosper into the future.

With the growing islamic attempt to subjugate the world to islam we face a very uncertain future. Islamization must be stopped, and it must be stopped permanently. Islam has been like a festering sore on the planet for 1,400 years. Until it is cauterized we cannot safely face any future.

We need to be discussing these problems and uniting our efforts to overcome them. In the case of islam, we need to resolve the issue. But the big question is….HOW?

Do we take the same path Spain did when it used the Inquisition to rid their nation of all the Moors…and the Jews…at the same time?

There can be no doubt that strong measures need to be taken. But do we have the will to do what must be done to ensure our survival?






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