We Will Win!

My friends, the world is in chaos. Islam is the agent bringing death and destruction everywhere. The center of islam is Saudi Arabia.
Looking in from outside it appears that the Saudi royal family has an iron grip on the nation. But looks are deceiving. Below the surface there is a seething cauldron of discontent and jealousy.
Medina and other mosques bombed in Saudi Arabia
Reports emerging from ordinary people tell us that they are extremely concerned about the behaviour of the royal family. They are suffering under an ironclad dictatorship, while the royals live a life of opulent excess.
While the royals live in their extravagant palaces, drive around in gold plated cars, and revel in debauchery, the ordinary people are squeezed into towering apartment blocks. Most of them do not work. They don’t have to. Our oil money funds a massive welfare state.
That might sound ideal, but in truth when you take away the incentive for people to work you take away their dignity. The Saudi royals are sitting on a powder keg that is likely to explode at any moment.
With the bombings of their ‘holiest’ mosques the people are angry and frightened….stretching to breaking point the already volatile situation.
It is becoming clear to the Saudi man in the street that the royal family is incapable of protecting them from the terrorism that has engulfed the rest of the world. But unlike western countries that are built on strong foundations, Saudi Arabia’s society is built on a fragile bed of sand. These bombings have ignited a potential massive crisis that could see the royal family deposed, and perhaps even executed. Karma works and the royals have been responsible for executing so many of their citizens for little more than trying to live as human beings that when the people’s limit is reached they are sure to take it out in the worst possible way against their oppressors. Once more, we see those in positions of power ignoring the lessons of the past.
I believe the coming weeks will be pivotal. With ISIS attacking the very seat of islam it is clear that no one is safe…either in Saudi Arabia or the rest of the world.
The day is coming when the whole world will rise up against islam. When it does the carnage will be terrible….we can only hope that at the end of it all we have wiped out islam and cleared the way for those left in the Middle East to rejoin the human race.
If you have been worried about the future, have no fear. History teaches us that change is inevitable. Change is the only way our civilization can grow. Change may not always be easy, but in the end we always end up with a good result for those on the side of right.
Stay strong. Islam has tried to drag us down. Instead, it is preparing the way for its own demise. Everything we are doing to resist islam is helping to destroy it.


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