Waleed Aly

Waleed Aly is associated with islamic groups known to have terrorist links

Waleed Aly is often trotted out as the poster boy for islam in Australia. Whenever there is an Islamic atrocity around the world the media goes running to Waleed Aly. He has managed to create an image of your clean cut, sane moslem boy who can explain away the most horrific atrocity merely by neglecting to mention what is behind it.

We saw this recently in his comments about the 276 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria. His linguistic gymnastics were nothing short of amazing as he managed to talk about the kidnapping without once mentioning who was behind it, or the motivation for it. Yet the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, stated very clearly that they kidnapped the Christian girls because Boko Haram are muslims and therefore must follow the Koran to subjugate or kill all infidels.

This report includes a video clip of him boasting about the reasons behind the kidnapping:


Yet Aly ignored this and managed to make it look like it was just a bunch of good ol’ boys out for a bit of free sex and fun with a few young girls.

Since then, he refused to name islam as the cause of the Man Monis siege a the Lindt Cafe in Sydney.  He said almost nothing about the murder of Andrew Chen, despite the overwelming  evidence that he was killed by a young moslem who was radicalized in a nearby mosque. Nor did Aly ever ask where the gun came from.

What the media do not tell us is that Aly is a Sunni moslem, the same brand of fanatical islam as the Islamic State (ISIS) murderous psychopaths who keep cutting off heads, raping and mutilating women, killing Islamic men in the thousands who do not bow down to the manic self-styled Caliph Abu Bakr, and other atrocities too numerous to name.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

So who is Waleed Aly?

Is he truly your good ol’ homegrown, homespun boy-next-door moslem golden boy? Or is there much more to Aly than meets the eye?

This observer has been doing some digging and I have found out more about Aly from what is not available than the reams of articles written by and about him.

The general consensus is that Waleed Aly is a poster boy for islam, and an ‘expert’ on terrorism.

However, the reality appears to be quite different.

Aly grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, in the same area where today a high percentage of Islamic refugees have chosen to live.

He claims that his father didn’t want him to have anything to do with other Egyptian immigrants. He was encouraged to be an Australian. Yet he says he always felt that he never really fit in to Australian society. As he has stated publicly, “I certainly was keenly aware and made keenly aware of my difference…”

We know that Aly travelled to Egypt when he was twenty, where he claims he “….experienced major culture shock.”

However, despite a concerted effort to find out more about Aly’s trip to Egypt there is almost nothing about it published anywhere that we can find. This in itself is very suspicious. It is usually very easy to dig up the past doings of almost any public figure. Has the information been repressed or even expunged from the public record? If so, it would show the immense power and influence the Muslim Brotherhood exerts in Australia.

We do know that at the time Aly was there Egypt was starting to experience a growth in radical islam, pushed by the Muslim Brotherhood. So it is telling that Aly states, “I came back to Australia looking for religious things and when I looked around all I saw really all that was really being offered was a brand of Islam that I think really did inculcate a kind of fundamentalist outlook, a kind of thing that was about purity to the exclusion of everyone else who is by definition then impure …”

Reading between the lines, Aly is saying that he came back with an awakened awareness of the kind of islam being preached in Egypt, a much more radical brand of islam than any he had experienced in Australia up to that time.To put this into context, we have to understand the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) published in a document entitled, “The Project” in 1982. This article contains the full text of a top secret document that was recovered during a raid of a senior Muslim Brotherhood financier’s home in Switzerland in November 2001. The document is a road map laid out for MB members to follow to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate, as mandated in the Quor’an (Koran), the Islamic ‘holy’ book.Aly travelled to Egypt in 1998, just as the MB began flexing their muscles in earnest over there. Eventually they took the reins of government, and were subsequently ousted. Their brand of islam was too radical for the majority of Egyptians.

Was Aly radicalized during his visit to Egypt?

It seems highly likely, given his reluctance to answer any direct questions about his time over there.

Morsi - Ousted Egyptian PM and Muslim Brotherhood Leader
Morsi – Ousted Egyptian PM and Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Consider this. When Waleed Aly left for Egypt he had a degree in music. Yet when he returned to Australia he enrolled at University of Melbourne and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 2002.

It’s interesting to note that many leading radical Islamic leaders also have degrees in engineering and law; many directly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. Even Osama Bin Laden was an engineer.

The next question we should ask is where did a poor musical graduate get the money to study for these two degrees?

Unfortunately, there is no way to check where the money came from. However, the MB is well known for sponsoring up-and-coming intellectuals who can take their place in western society and build a ‘moderate’ persona as they become influential.

In Aly’s case, he has surely succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. He has managed to become the moderate moslem poster boy, adored by all the left leaning intellectuals and media. In the process, he has also managed to pull the wool over the eyes of most people who are too busy scrambling to survive to think beyond the pap served up on their TV news each night.

The mantra appears to be, whenever there is yet another atrocity committed by the “religion of peace” let’s trot out Waleed to make nice-nice noises and calm the furore that would surely erupt otherwise.

If we look at Aly’s career path since he returned from Egypt he has achieved many of the steps laid out in The Project. He has infiltrated existing Moslem organizations like the Islamic Council of Victoria where he served as the council”s head of public affairs.

It is clear that Waleed Aly is part of the islamic attempt to undermine our Australian culture and laws to impose sharia law on us all. Like many others, he need to be watched very closely.



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