Voices for the Voiceless

Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and math, NC State University, 1968. He has been a university professor, businessman, and applied physicist.

He was a Member of the Technical Staff in solid-state physics at the Sarnoff Princeton Laboratories in the area of integrated circuit structures. During the energy crisis of the 80’s he founded and ran a company that specialized in energy efficient homes. For eight years he was a professor at Tennessee State University in the Engineering School.Dr. Warner has had a life-long interest in religion and its effects on history. He has studied the source texts of the major religions for decades. Even before the destruction of the World Trade Center he had predicted the war between Islam and America. The day after 9/11 he decided to make the source texts of Islam available for the average person.He has worked tirelessly to help educated people about the very real dangers islam presents to our western culture and civilization.As a result, he has come to realize that an intellectual approach to stopping islam is not working.This video offers a radical new strategy that can help neutralize the apologists for Islam. Voices for the Voiceless is for those who want to DO something.

Download the Voiceless brochure here: Voices4Voiceless. You are welcome to print as many as you wish.

Ask a few friends to help you and go to each church in your area. Sit down the front of the church next to the aisle and wait until just a few minutes before the service is due to start.This next part is optional and should be used according to the situation…say at an interfaith service or meeting: Stand up and say, “This is a protest demonstration.” At the same time the ‘brochure brigade’ puts on an Avery lable or a bandana saying, ‘Voiceless‘.

Then each activist will start handing out small bundles of the Voiceless brochure to the people sitting next to the aisle as you walk out the front door. When you reach it, just keep going. You want the congregation to read the flyer and discuss it among themselves with no opportunity to talk to you. If their church has not been doing anything this is sure to get the congregation asking the pastor what their church can do to help.We have put our contact details on the brochure so that they can call us and discuss what they can do, and we will suggest ways we can help them.The beauty of this idea is that we are not attacking anyone, or calling names. We are simply pointing out something the church goers probably already know, but until now they may not have thought of ways they can help their fellow Christians.

Enjoy the video and then let’s get out there handing out brochures!