The Shady Sheik

Shady Sheik Zainadine Johnson, the new imam of the Sunshine Coast mosque at 14 Church Street, Maroochydore, has a very interesting history.

That zany, shaky Sheik, Zainadine Johnson in full surfing kit
That zany, shady Sheik, Zainadine Johnson in full surfing kit

Johnson was Christened Zean by his parents, but he was called Zonk in his early days when he was known as a local “rock star” playing in a band called “Grinder”. Bands have a reputation for partying and the “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” lifestyle. It appears that Zonk was no different. But like many others before him, he woke up one day asking himself what had become of his life.

Zonk in full battledress

He began a spiritual search that ended up with him becoming a born-again Christian. He forsook music and got down on his knees.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough.

In 2004 he left Christianity and took his young family to tour around some of the most dangerous islamic countries in the Middle East; countries like Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Indonesia. While he traveled he studied Islam and Sharia Law. He even learned Arabic. As a result he has acquired an accent that makes him sound just like a Middle Easterner. He no longer sounds like the good ol’ Aussie boy he tries to make himself out to be.

Along the way, he studied martial arts. This is a man who is well able to protect himself, or wreak severe damage if he feels like it.

After years spent banging his head on a carpet, preaching sharia, and convincing islam that he is a devout and dedicated moslem, he decided to return to the Sunshine Coast in September 2016. Not long after that he was appointed as the imam of the Sunshine Coast mosque.

Zonk, or as he prefers to be known today Sheik Imam Zainadine Johnson, wasted no time setting himself up. He first appeared in an article in the local Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper which sparked an uproar. The paper was inundated with local residents angry that islam is imposing itself in their once placid community. They fear that as the mosque grows they will see the same things happen as have occurred in so many other communities in Australia and around the world. As the islamic population grows because of the mosque they start demanding more concessions to impose sharia law. Eventually, they take over and create yet another islamic state. We’ve seen it happen in places like Beirut, the UK, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, and many other countries.

Before the shady Sheik took over as imam the mosque leaders had already forced the Sunshine Coast Council to allow the moslems to worship every day instead of the original Development Application stipulation that they could only worship on Friday evenings. The council capitulated to the islamists’ demands because they realized that if they challenged the islamist’s challenge to the original development application it would cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, of ratepayers money in legal fees to fight the application. This is, of course, how islam gains concessions and starts imposing sharia law.

Because the mosque is located in such a small building, local Sunshine Coast residents fear that the next step will be for the islamists to apply for a new development application (DA) to build a much larger mosque at another location. They miscalculated when they bought the Church Street property next door to the run down Catholic church next door. No doubt they thought they would buy the property and expand the mosque in that direction. But the wily Catholic priest foiled them neatly.

No sooner was the mosque development application to the council approved than the priest applied to tear down the church and build a retirement home instead. Construction started early 2016.

A daily Christian blessing for the mosque

The moslems must be fuming, because the first building the priest put up was a large meeting hall right behind the mosque. And on top of the roof overlooking the mosque he put a huge steel and chrome cross that looms over the mosque…a true Christian blessing on the moslems!

Zainadine does not appear to be a man who likes his plans to be thwarted. No doubt he is cooking up plenty more schemes to help expand islam on the Sunshine Coast.

As soon as he was appointed imam he started soliciting donations using the name of an islamic charity called Dar Al Quaran Wa Sunnah. According to a statement he made on November 6 on the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo Facebook page in an article about his money collection activities, he stated that the money had totally nothing to do with isis, rather the opposite once again we helped refugees in Istanbul and surrounds, many people donated , dar alsunnah was one donator.”

He denied the money he was sending to Syria might have anything to do with anyone supporting ISIS terrorists. According to him, I wasn’t raising money for their (Dar Al Quaran Wa Sunnah) charity , i was raising money for Syrian refugees , they raised money in Sydney and sent the funds to us to distribute to the refugees, its called networking , we used their sign so Sydney people would know that money would reach and would donate and that was before they came under scrutiny. I am unaware of any scrutiny , i did hear they became under investigation but that”s normal here in Australia, we are always under investigation, guilty before proven innocent, thats the law for us.”

(Apparently, he either failed grammar and writing miserably at school, or he has become so islamized that he has forgotten how to write grammatical, well punctuated English.)

The shaky Sheik soliciting money for his own islamic charity.
The shady Sheik soliciting money for his own islamic charity.

As usual for any moslem questioned about his activities, he denied any wrongdoing and then tried to claim victim status. Perhaps Zonk should get up from kissing the carpet and read the newspapers. The news was prominent in August 2016. This is just one of the reports of two islamic men getting arrested for a multi-million dollar child-care fraud and embezzlement scam.

This is not the first time we have seen islamists arrested on fraud charges. There have been other cases where the administrators of islamic schools, including one that was planned for Mareeba, were putting millions of dollars of other people’s money into their own pockets. This seems to be standard operating procedure for islamists whenever they get near money that doesn’t belong to them. So it’s no wonder we are skeptical about the charitable fundraising activities shaky Sheik Zonk is carrying out.

Not content with raising money for other charities, good ol’ Zonk has registered his own islamic charity in Turkey called the International Islamic Support Group (ISG) to funnel money and aid to islamists in Syria. Dare we say that these islamists are very likely ISIS?

But this doesn’t seem to worry the Shaky Sheik. He openly solicits donations through is Facebook page.

What will he do with the money? What accounting procedures has he put in place? Considering his charity is registered in Turkey does this mean he is trying to evade Australian accounting oversight?

Why isn’t he supporting Australians?

We have over 100,000 Australians living on the streets because they have nowhere else to go. But of course, being islamic he wouldn’t stoop to aiding infidels. Again, this is standard operating procedure for all islamists.

Is the shady Sheik so naive that he truly believes the money he is sending to his charity in Turkey will only be used to help Syrian refugees? Doesn’t he understand that islamic charities have a bad reputation for siphoning off funds to donate to terrorist groups?

There are over 160 islamic charities registered in Australia. Many of them have direct or indirect links with overseas charities that have been proved to be supporting terrorist groups.

Isn’t it time an official investigation was launched into the activities of these islamic charities? And while we are at it, why can’t the Australian Federal Police conduct lightning raids on mosques suspected of teaching or supporting terrorism? After all, the safety and security of all Australians is at stake.

As for his status as a “sheik”, we have done a bit of Googling and there is no record of him being appointed a true Arabic sheik. Not content with soliciting donations for a charity registered in his name, it seems he is quite happy to award himself a fake royal title as well. Why are we not surprised? But according to Zonk, the title was awarded to him by grateful members of his mosque.


Meanwhile, here is a video of the shady Sheik crying about islam…..isn’t he cute?




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