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The following was published on the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo (STMIB) page to clarify questions about the organization and donations made to the group. The original can be viewed on their Facebook page at

FACTS ABOUT: Stop the mosque in Bendigo (STMIB) Facebook Page

December 6, 2014 at 8:27am

Over the past 12 months we have seen the most extraordinary comments written about this Face Book page in order to discount STMIB as not representing the people of Bendigo or Australia.


1. The site was set up by a Bendigo Person and then subsequently taken over by 5 administrators of whom all bar one was a local. Two months ago Administrator number 7 began driving this site.

(Restore Australia has no connection to Stop the Mosque Bendigo. Mike Holt has also consistently denied having anything to do with setting up, running or overseeing Stop the Mosque in Bendigo a number of times. Stop the Mosque was completely a local initiative that went onto receive national and international support. Mike was one of many that volunteered to assist with collecting donations for Gavin Boby after our second bank account was closed down. Even though Balzola was initially contacted by us, Mike had nothing to do with Robert Balzola or funding him.)

Stop the Mosque Bendigo is purely an online site to educate and raise awareness of Islam within the Community. This page is not involved with receiving funds for court cases to stop mosques.

2. Our Page reach peaks at around 1 MILLION people reached.

3. Our audience is atypical for Facebook. —We represent a higher aged proportion of Facebook users than the Facebook norm which is under 30. Meaning this site represents the concerns of mature Australians. That brings us to the next point.

4. This is a majority Australian Site. (9818 supporters) has Bendigo representing our highest supporter base followed by Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane as it should be.

We note these facts as the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) and subsequently various newspapers and leftist groups have been quoting wildly erroneous data about our supporter base claiming that we have no local and mainly an international following. We present the real data to support our facts.

This concerns us as OHPI set themselves up as an industry authority but has now shown itself to lack any data to substantiate their claims, our site being a case in point. They simply made it all up and so do not warrant your trust in their claims—you need to know that.

5. From countless messages we also know that Bendigo locals while giving us messages of support purposely choose NOT to like our page for fear of social and media backlash. That said our estimated reach on local issues has been around 30 times the fan base. How we know that is on certain local issues we can have had an individual posts reach over 30,000 when the Bendigo supporter base was only 1,000. It is now over 1,500. That makes it 45,000 Bendigonians (on FaceBook) we figure are supporting our page. We also know that Bendigo Council knows that the resistance to the mosque is the majority of Bendigonians and has admitted it behind closed doors to business groups—Awkward!

6. Are we a “Hate site”—definitely a big NO.

We are just pointing out the Islam with its legislated inequality between the sexes, Master race doctrine and intolerance to anything outside of Islamic thinking is simply incompatible to Australia’s values, laws and even our multicultural policies.

Our site continues with the express purpose to highlight those differences between Islamic law and values and Australian law and values in order to educate Australians about these social cohesion issues. Our sole purpose is to keep Australia’s multi-ethnic easy-going culture dominant in Australia. Unfortunately as we keep posting on site, Islam has only one goal for Australia and that is to have Islam dominate and rule our culture—as Muslims genuinely believe Australia would be a better place for it and Australians happier under Islam.

We simply say “No thank you” and will continue to say “No thank you” until we are taken down from Facebook or Islam gives up trying.

7. As always we will continue to post only the truth about Islam and ongoing developments in the mosque application. If anything is incorrect we will gladly correct or withdraw it immediately.

8. Prior to the Bendigo Council Meeting we put out an appeal to the Australian public to help raise funds to get Gavin Boby out from England. We raised our target amount of $7,000 before they closed the bank account on us a week later. However when the Bendigo City Council refused to agree to meet with Gavin, he felt it more advisable to use him in an advisory role for the remainder of our campaign.

STMIB then used the extra money to pay for and distribute 10,000 brochures and fliers and continued on with the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo FB campaign and public information nights and our precautionary VCAT application.

STMIB also offered to pay for the VCAT fees and to raise monies for the legals of the current action of the now Rights for Bendigo Residents team to go to VCAT. Our offers of financial support and money raising were declined. The reason we were given at the time was that they didnt want their appeal to be associated with the hate backlash against the STMIB FB page.

STMIB stopped all further money raising efforts for the Bendigo action until their public appeal for funds was raised after the last action. Once again we offered to combine fund raising efforts on their behalf and it was declined. The balance of our funds were also offered to their legal team, Robert Balzola on 9th November.

Here is the breakdown of funds raised and outgoings.

Funds Raised $7,013.83
Interest $34.18
Total $7,048.01

Paid Out
Gavin Boby $2,500.00
Meeting costs $ 691.20
Internet fees and FB boosts $1,376.06
VCAT Fees $1,116.40
Printing $512.00
Total $6,110.14

Balance $855.43 credit

Update 18/2/15
Hassad ASIC search $29.27
FB Boost $85.52
Internet Fees $179.80
Interest credit $5.54
Balance $651.80

Balance transfered to Balzola Trust Account $651.80 on 18/2/2015 for the Bendigo action in VCAT being undertaken by the Rights For Bendigo Residents Group. We do this knowing that VCAT has reserved judgement against us of court costs resulting from contesting the mosque application and withdrawing our action.

7. ONE Last Fact about our Admins:

They are in the main—Centre Conservatives. Not ring wing radicals as the media and others would like to portray. As were many of our followers after they did this Government Political survey.






Note the amount sent by Michael Holt, including the total donations collected plus a donation made by RestoreAustralia as well.