Posties Pay for Mozlem Museum

In a move guaranteed to enrage every patriotic Australian, Australia Post boss Ahmed Fahour was given a $2 million bonus recently.

The Australia Post islamic boxx - generously donating to an islamic museum run by his family!
The Australia Post islamic boss — generously donating to an islamic museum run by his family!

Why would that enrage anyone?

Well….here’s the kicker. Being the generous philanthropic Australian citizen that he is, Fahour donated all of it to the Mozlem Museum.

What a worthy gesture, you might be forgiven for saying.
(Click the link to read about his generous donation)

On the face of it, Fahour has done the right thing with his ill-gotten gains. After all, what has he done to deserve that much money?

I’m glad you asked.

Considering that Mr Australia Post Fahour is sacking 900 Australia Post staff to stem the losses at its domestic mail division, you have to wonder why he hasn’t been fired for inefficiency instead. But no, he is rewarded while 900 hard working Australia Post employees are waved off into the sunset without even a gold watch to see them on their way.

Mozlem Museum - a bad joke paid for on the backs of Aussie workers
Mozlem Museum – a bad joke paid for on the backs of Aussie workers

The bonus was part of the $4.8 million salary that Mr Fahour was paid in the 2012-2013 financial year. I guess it’s perfectly acceptable to pay an ‘executive’ an outrageous salary even when he is obviously failing miserably in his job!

As we saw in the Bendigo mosque saga, the mozlem schools in Sydney, the mozlem administrator of the halal certification authority, wherever mozlems gain access to the purse strings corruption almost inevitably follows. These people just cannot help themselves, except to help themselves to our money. If there is a dishonest dollar to be screwed out of solid hard working Australians, they will do it.

In Fahour’s case, the donation was not as generous as we might be led to believe. In fact, the mozlem museum is a pet project of his that is closely linked to his family! Ooops!

According to the moslems, they "discovered" Australia first
According to the moslems, they “discovered” Australia first

The Islamic ­Museum of Australia show­cases the heritage and culture of Australian Mozlems, through art, architecture, food and installations. One of their most outrageous claims is that they ‘discovered’ Australia long before Captain Cook came. Of course, we should always believe them. After all, the mohammadists also tell us that mohammedism is the religion of pieces….er, sorry, I mean….religion of peace. What a joke!

How far does the corruption stretch? Well….it probably won’t surprise anyone who knows anything about mohammedism. The founder and director of the museum is former Macquarie Bank executive Moustafa Fahour – Ahmed Fahour’s brother. And Moustafa’s wife, Maysaa, is the chair­woman and director. The Macquarie Bank is hand in glove with the Bendigo Bank…you know, the one that closed the account of the patriot Concerned Citizens of Bendigo.

And just to keep everything in the family, the Fahours’ sister, MasterChef participant Samira El Khafir, is head chef and man­ages the cafe on site. It wouldn’t surprise us if the toilet paper is made by Fahour’s brother’s cousin’s uncle!

Shame on you Fahour!




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