Population Control?

While we are focused on the expansion of islam throughout the civilized world very little thought seems to have been given to the reasons why the floodgates have been opened to allow mass migrations.

The obvious question is, who is funding the millions of people who have spilled out of their Middle Eastern and African countries to flood into Europe? It costs money to buy a berth on a boat, often tens of thousands of dollars. Yet this horde that is supposedly escaping poverty in their own lands arrives with mobile phones and other symbols of wealth.

How is this possible?

We have heard statements by the elite such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and George Soros that they are seeking to reduce the world population before there are too many of us for the planet to sustain.

Conspiracy theorists hear statements like this and start screaming that these men want to kill millions of people; a patently absurd and very stupid reaction. If they bothered to read beyond the headlines they might understand what “reducing the population” really means.

Bill Gates

As Patrick Kerns, currently performing graduate level research on vaccine development stated on May 11, 2013

Mr. Gates thinks that vaccines and better healthcare have the net effect of reducing population growth because people have fewer children when they expect them to survive. This is supported by data linking increasing health with a decrease in birth rate. The most dramatic demonstration of this is in many European countries where the standard of living is high and population growth has dropped below what is necessary to maintain the population. So by increasing worldwide health using vaccination and healthcare we can in the long term decrease population growth. Increased access to reproductive health care can also facilitate this.
It’s critical to note that Mr. Gates is not proposing A) killing people or B) using vaccines to sterilize people. I work on vaccines and I’ve never heard of any commercial vaccine impacting people’s ability to reproduce. Please don’t listen to the conspiracy theorists who are suggesting this. Demand extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims.

Gates initiated a program in Africa to educate people to use condoms to avoid AIDS, and to curb population increase.

However, the Vatican countered with a massive fear campaign to stop contraception, threatening eternal damnation for anyone who disobeyed the Pope’s edict.

Uneducated Africans are a superstitious lot and were easily swayed by the threat. They have refused to use contraception. As a result, their populations have spiraled out of control. The land can no longer sustain such large numbers of people.

Thus, the Vatican is directly responsible for creating a seething mass of humanity that has no future unless it moves to a more favorable location.

Prosperous western democracies are seen as the land of milk and honey and free everything, so of course they are swarming across the Mediterranean and into Europe.

George Soros

Soros, on the other hand has less altruistic reasons for wanting to limit population growth. He set up the Open Society Foundations (OSF) which is a group of organizations ostensibly dedicated to helping the disenfranchised achieve ‘democratic government’.

However, the reality is that for many years Soros and his minions have been in the vanguard of the Open Borders/Migration Lobby, aided by the United Nations. Soros has helped fund the mass migration of somewhere between one to two million “refugees” into Europe. It appears that he is forcing countries to open their borders to millions of “refugees” is an attempt to wipe out the economic divide between developed and undeveloped countries.

Soros and his fellow globalists are the real policy makers behind many governments, including the recent Obama Presidency. Soros staffers Crowley and Rosin called on everyone to accept “the current crisis as the new normal and moving beyond the need to react.”

Soros is funding so many people to invade Europe that it has destabilized the EU, increased crime, generated fear and loathing among the native Europeans, and is likely to bring on economic and political collapse if not address by strong leaders.

As he encourages undermining democracies Soros invests heavily in the money markets, hoping to profit from their eventual collapse. This has not always worked. However, it has worked enough that he has made billions from this strategy.

Islamic Migration

While large numbers of Africans want to escape to a better life, mass migration from islamic countries is being fueled by a different set of circumstances. Islam is an ideology that was devised to achieve total world domination. The koran provides a blueprint that is being followed by millions, if not billions, of islamists with a fanatical faith in their ideology.

Inevitably, we are seeing islamic terrorism creating division and a breakdown in social cohesion as well. As islamists commit crimes against their host countries, from rape, to arson, theft, and murder, citizens are getting frustrated by their governments lack of will to confront and solve these problems head on. Rising nationalism is an attempt by citizens of democratic, free nations to stop the spread of islam.

Governments see these nationalistic groups as subversive and a direct threat to their policies. As a result, there is a growing mistrust of governments around the world. Citizens are increasingly frustrated that their governments are no longer serving the interests of the people who elected them to power.

As islam continues to spread its tentacles into civilized societies around the world citizens are faced with a daunting prospect. Do they take the law into their own hands or just wait for islam to take them over? Western society is based on a strong belief in law, yet this question keeps most resistance in check…for now.

However, the feeling is growing that when a government fails to protect its citizens then they have a right and a moral duty to protect themselves.

Vigilantism has started to appear. This is likely to increase if governments fail to change their attitudes towards islam. If it becomes widespread there is a danger that civilized society will break down, creating a fertile situation for islam to move in and take over completely. We saw this happen in Lebanon just recently.

US Influence

After World War 2 America took on the role of world leader and protector. However, so much power corrupted the American political system. The Vietnam War was supposed to be a war to contain Communism. The Domino Theory was touted as the ideological reasons for invading a country that had never harmed America.

However, this was also an opportunity for the Military-Industrial Complex to test new weapons while making billions in profit. The cost of the war for the US was such a financial burden that the CIA became involved in the heroin trade, creating huge profits for all involved. While some of that money helped finance the war, much more of it went into the pockets of criminals.

As heroin made its way back to the huge untapped US market millions of Americans became hooked on drugs. From there, social conditions changed, society became debased, while attitudes to law and order also changed.

Once the Vietnam war ended the US faced a huge problem. The American economy had become reliant on the Military-Industrial Complex. Without a war the economy threatened to melt down; the country needed more war. The Cold War against Russia was expanded. The buildup of thousands of nuclear weapons created huge profits and put the whole world in danger.

Then the Berlin Wall fell and the old familiar enemy, Communism, collapsed….or so it seemed. The world rejoiced, thinking that we faced a much brighter future.

That is not what happened, though. Communism transformed into Socialism, creating an opportunity for the Fabians to step up their efforts.

The Fabians

Fabianism, a form of “soft communism” expanded its influence, inserting socialists into power around the world. For example, all Labor Australian Prime Ministers from Gough Whitlam onwards were Fabians.

One of the major goals of the Fabians is to insert Fabian operatives into a country’s political structure, while undermining the basic society fabric so that they can implement socialist/communist policies instead. Political Correctness is used to change attitudes and pave the way for true socialism.

Another Fabian goal is “eugenics”; Socialism’s interest in eugenics is dismissed as an accident of history. But the truth is far more unpalatable.

Eugenics is one of the grisliest skeletons in the cupboard of the socialist intellectual elite, a skeleton that rattles especially loudly inside the closet of the left.

Eugenics is the belief that society should breed more of the strong and fewer of the weak. So-called positive eugenics is meant to encourage those of greater intellectual ability and “moral worth” to have more children, while negative eugenics urges, or even forces, those deemed inferior to reproduce less often or not at all. Eugenics aims to increase the overall quality of the national herd, multiplying the thoroughbreds, and weeding out the runts.

The Nazis tried eugenics using primitive DNA manipulation to create the “Master Race”. We all saw the terrible human misery that produced.

While the socialist Fabians claim to have abandoned eugenics, this is not entirely true. They have merely changed tactics. Instead of breeding programs, they are behind the move to thin down the world population so that they can then start to breed “superior man”.

Transhumanism, represented by the symbol H+, is a way of thinking about the future that is based on the premise that the human species in its current form does not represent the end of our development, but rather a comparatively early phase that can be improved using modern scientific methods instead of waiting for nature’s natural selection.

The end result of transhumanism is to significantly reduce the population, while producing a superior race.

The socialist’s support for islam is an obvious attempt to those who are aware, to force civil war and mass genocide. They don’t much care which side is destroyed as long as population numbers are significantly reduced.

While the Fabians have been working slowly and methodically behind the scenes to implement their aims, successive Australian governments have signed pacts with the US to support their military adventures in countries like Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

These invasions have fueled the rise of islamic terrorism throughout the world, setting the stage for the mass exodus of islamic populations into western democracies.

Some of these people invaded Australia by boat from Indonesia, aided by the socialist Labor Party that threw open our borders. This has resulted in a fast growing division within once peaceful Australia.

The socialists claim that “multiculturalism” will bring about racial harmony. But the very name multiculturalism is divisive.

Australia was a “multi-ethnic” society that welcomed ethnicities from around the world and absorbed them into the Australian way of life. Multiculturalism divides people. A visible example of this is the growth of islamic enclaves in several Australian cities. These enclaves are becoming, or already have become, “no go areas” for ordinary Australians. A Channel 7 documentary clearly demonstrated this when their reporters were attacked by islamists just for being in the area and asking questions.

As islam has tried to force its sharia law and customs on Australians we have seen a growing resistance and a revulsion for political leaders who appear to be incapable of stopping the spread of islam.

Add to this the many trade agreements the government has signed that have forced Australian companies to flee offshore to take advantage of much cheaper labor. This has destroyed Australia’s manufacturing base, causing unemployment and a growing anger among citizens. Where once it was relatively easy to get a job, graduates today often find they cannot find a job, or they have to take jobs they are far too qualified to perform.

The government has also allowed foreign governments to buy up Prime Australian land, including our largest water reserve in the Kimberly region. Yet, Australians cannot own land in Asia.

As a result, there is a growing resentment of the ruling class among conservative Australians. The political parties have proved they are incapable of serving the very people who have voted them into power.

What is the Motivation?

Overpopulation is a genuine concern. However, very little has been done to address the problem. Yet, groups like OSF, the United Nations, and agreements like the Lima Declaration, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 all aim at reducing the world’s population.

Before we examine other alternatives let’s have a look at how populations have expanded since Year 1 CE. View this video now. Click on the link to open the video in a new window. Then come back here to continue reading:


The world’s population is increasing exponentially.

While humans may eventually define a logistic growth curve, currently there is no evidence that this is the case. The only thing that is demonstrable is that the rate of growth of the world’s population is decreasing slightly, but it’s still growing exponentially.

This is putting an unsustainable strain on world resources.

Even though the total amount of water on planet earth is always constant, access to it is becoming more difficult, or even impossible in some areas.

While food crops have been improved through new scientific advances in the last century, as the world population continues to balloon food shortages are going to become more common.

Part of the problem is sociological. No matter how much money the UN throws at some African countries, for example, they continue to experience massive famines, killing hundreds of thousands of people. But while they do not practice contraception and create stable political structures we will continue to see famine occurring in regular cycles.

In an effort to feed their own population China has started buying large tracts of land in other countries, most notably Australia and Africa, to farm and export food back to China.

As we saw in the video above, China and India have experienced the largest population growth throughout the ages. Today, there are so many Chinese that the government is finding it increasingly difficult to feed and clothe everyone. India continues to struggle with a huge population that just keeps on increasing.

As the world population continues to increase it is feared that famine will become more widespread. This will, in turn, trigger increasing crime and riots, resulting in even more deaths. Eventually, society will break down and there will be chaos, war, and widespread death. While this will eventually reduce the population of the world significantly, it is not a desirable outcome.

Unless we do something to reduce the number of people on our planet we could face extinction within 150 years.

This is the motivation behind the mass migration of people from poor countries to those that are perceived to be richer and able to provide a better life. However, the reality is that the sharp population increase in western nations is putting a massive strain on the ability of the host nations to cope. As a result, standards of living are already starting to fall, resulting in increasing crime and more terrorist attacks.

As social cohesion breaks down we are seeing nations starting to succumb to civil unrest. Eventually, these nations will collapse and descend into civil war and a breakdown of civilization unless strong measures are implemented very soon.

Western governments have failed their people, giving rise to a new breed of politician speaking out against multiculturalism and islam as the main problems facing their people.

Unfortunately, the media calls these new politicians right wing subversives, racists, and other names designed to destroy their credibility.

We should be realistic about these politicians though. They are a stop-gap measure. They may gain the popular vote today, but their policies are unsustainable working within the current political structures.

Political change to a new sustainable system that empowers the people is the only viable solution. But what sort of change should it be?

What Can We Do?

Fortunately, the Australian Constitution already provides the answer. Section 128 gives the power to amend our Constitution only to the people. No political party may amend the Constitution.

Unfortunately, our founding fathers gave the power to start a referendum only to the politicians.

Since 1901 we have voted in 44 referendums, but only eight have been approved.

The other referendums failed because the politicians did not present good enough reasons for us to approve them. In many cases, the referendums were designed to give the politicians more control over us. Of course we would not approve them!

As a result, the parties have tried to circumvent our Constitution by legislating new laws. For example, we have voted NO twice on whether to make Local Councils a third tier of government. Instead of abiding by the Will of the People, State Governments have passed legislation empowering local councils to act as a defacto government arm by creating a legal structure and appointing councils to rule over the people through State Government Acts. This has given the local councils, for example, the power to impose a form of land tax they call “rates”. We can call rates a form of land tax because the amount payable is calculated on the value of the land. Yet our Constitution specifically forbids the States from imposing taxes.

Any laws imposed through legislation that seek to circumvent the Constitution without the prior approval of We the People voting in a referendum are null, void, and illegal. Theoretically, it should be possible for the People to charge those politicians who pass illegal laws with treason.

Realistically, we cannot because the political parties control the police and military. We the People have been disarmed. We are powerless to bring the criminals to justice.

This doesn’t mean that we should knuckle under and give up.

RestoreAustralia has published a 6-Point Plan on our CIRNOW website at http://www.cirnow.com.au/

The plan lays out a series of steps we need to take to reform our government system and restore Australia to Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

The first, and most important step, is to amend S.128 of our Constitution to give all voters the right to start a referendum.

With CIR we can….

  • Reform the electoral system so that your vote goes only to your chosen candidate
  • Bring in electronic voting
  • Leave the UN and renegotiate trade deals to benefit Australians
  • We can pass laws to revitalize our manufacturing and farming, creating jobs for all
  • Reduce and simplify taxation and get our nation’s business back on track
  • Create a strong national defence force to protect our borders
  • We could even vote on whether islam is a religion or not, and if not then we could ban it from Australia…the possibilities are endless.

We only have to look at the example Switzerland has set over the last 100 years to see why CIR is an idea whose time has come in Australia.

If you would like to see Australia regain a strong economy and bring about a better government, then please

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