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Phil Gallea arrested

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Update on the Phil Gallea arrest

Phil Gallea arrested
Phil Gallea, an Australian patriot, was arrested under spurious circumstances

This is an interview with Phil Gallea, who called my phone from jail in Melbourne. He explains what really happened to cause the Terror raids on patriots around August 2016, and what has happened to him since.

This interview has gone out around the world, courtesy of Red Fox Blogger Radio.

Listen to the interview here:

Transcript of the interview:

Text of the Phil Galea Interview

Phil: I’m actually on the (prison) phone. I’m lucky to be able to call at all to be honest.

Mike: I’ve got Phil Galea on the microphone here with me, and Phil was arrested last month, wasn’t it Phil?

Phil: Yep

Mike: On terrorism charges. So can you tell us what that’s about mate?

Phil: Basically, the charge is that I have made a document in relation to terrorism, which basically explains how to commit terrorist attacks in Australia.  [insert] The police have never seen a copy of this document, and they’ve only got the word of two extremely unreliable people as to what it is. But they chose to go with the charges anyway.

Mike: Ok, and is that all they are charging you with?

Phil: No, they are also charging me with preparing acts to carry out a terrorist attack, which is just sitting making camera (interviews?) of lefties and so on. They claim I was casing the joint with a camera on…which is a load of bullshit.

Mike: Ok. Now the newspapers reported that you had “equipment” as well.

Phil: Um…which equipment was that?

Mike: Ah…I don’t know. I heard some bomb making equipment.

Phil: I was never found with any bomb making equipment.

Mike: Or explosives or something….

Phil: In November I was found with mercury, which was (Mike: That’s it), you can’t actually make any explosives with it. It’s called mercury fulminate and it’s a bit of a hazard working with mercury and acid. What I was doing was making my own batteries at home….related to Nathan Stubblefield and the free energy work that he did. So I replated certain telegraph batteris…and that is what I had mercury for.

Mike: Dear me….so what happens now…you’re in jail again, right?

Phil: Yep. I’m in jail again. Um…I’ve just got the right back to have a trial., because as soon as they arrested me they took me to the Melbourne assessment prison…and I had er…as part of the formalities there you have to talk to a psych(iatrist). I spoke to a psych for 15 minutes and I was classified as a paranoid schizophrenic. ..coz I told the magistrate I (inaudible) patriotism. And I’ve just spent the last month….basically 6 weeks…trying to get myself declared sane.

Mike: Hmmm.

Phil: And that happened about a half hour ago.

Mike: And you are sane.

Phil: Yep, completely sane. I know what’s going on around me.

Mike: Well, you’re better off than some of us, aren’t you…you’ve got a piece of paper to prove it (laughs).

Phil: Which means I’m now fit to stand trial. Now we’ll be able to offer a defence and pull this back…we’ll commence probably in the next six weeks or so.

Mike: Right…well something must have triggered this. Why did they target you. What were you doing that made them look at you?

Phil: I think it all had to do with the leadup to the Melton rally, because I was helping the group called the True Blue Crew to do a little bit of media preparation.

Mike: Right

Phil: And…last time I got arrested in November, which was also in relation to planning a rally at Melton…it had to do with the publication (indecipherable)…they wanted to make sure that none of that came out again…although there was the same thing they had to discredit somebody to stop people turning up to that rally and distract people from what it’s all about….which was trying to stop the (unclear) have their say.

Mike: They’re not doing very well, are they, because the moslems keep trying and we keep resisting, so, ok. I was just going to ask you, also when they targeted you they raided other patriots too, didn’t they?

Phil: Yep, that was to try and get copies of my book. They raided anybody that was basically connected with the movement they thought I might have given a copy of it to, or hidden it at their place. They missed the mark quite severely, because the people who did have copies of it had nothing to do with our movement…they were just (unclear). Now the Patriot’s Cookbook will be coming out soon. Now the court will be presented with a copy of it at my next hearing. This will be a photocopy. The original will stay under wraps until the end of the (legal) proceedings, after which the print edition will be released and all proceeds of that print edition will be given to the True Blue Crew, and possibly other..er….like-minded groups.

Mike: And you were also investigating a spate of church fires around Melbourne. What was that about?

Phil: Um…it’s not just around Melbourne, Mike, it’s around regional Victoria and it’s happened in Queensland and New South Wales as well. The fires have been happening seriously around Christmas and Easter and every time more than one of them goes up on the same night it’s happened around muslim prayer time. Now, I’ve been visiting a lot of the sites, and because I’ve had dealings with the arson and explosives squad the first time I went up I was able to get in touch with the officer who was investigating and I’ve recorded him, obviously without his knowledge, and he admitted that these fires were done by muslims. I think these charges I’m on now might relate to that, because they are looking into it, and as we all know our phone calls are all monitored they were listening to me and they heard me say I had those phone recordings. When they executed the search warrant, that’s probably the last time…the first time in ten years my lawyer reckons he’s actually seen a demand for all audio cassettes.

Mike: Haha. They’re a bit behind the times aren’t they?

Phil: Nothing wrong with a micro tape recorder. They’re just as good as any other digital recording medium…at least you can put your name and what’s on it. There is a bonus though…because they’ve had to admit all these phone conversations are recorded, we actually get those calls, the thing is we’ll actually get those calls and as soon as I get these calls I’ll make sure we get those on subpoena and I’ll be making sure that they find their way into the public.

Mike: Ok. And I believe my calls have been recorded too.

Phil: Yes, um…a conversation between me and you several months ago was used. And that was when we were discussing online alternatives as far as online discussion goes….which they are very keen on stopping. But most of my phone calls have been used as evidence because what they are doing…I could have a two hour phone call with someone, and they’ll take a 20 second fragment out of that, mixed with another 20 second fragment, so that all these pieces are (unclear).

Mike: Well, apparently I’m a radical too then because I oppose islam….well, tough titty. I am a radical in that case.

Phil: Yeah, well, we are all radical, but it doesn’t mean any of us are terrorists.

Mike: That’s exactly right.

Phil: Well, I think terrorism is why we all joined this movement to put an end to.

Mike: Ok, so where to from here Phil?

Phil: Well from here I’ve got to do the big thing which is have the trial and clear my name.

Mike: Yes, ok…and when is that scheduled for?

Phil: Well, it should be in December we should have a committal hearing, and hopefully they won’t try and hold off too long. The police are going to do everything they can to avoid giving me access to all these recordings…particularly ones that show they have been fabricated…because I don’t know if many people are aware that there was a group called Reclaim Australia Victoria Inc  …I gave the heads of Reclaim Australia the details of the people that were running it. ..they ah…that was when they were shutting it down I believe, so as payback the two people behind it (Reclaim Australia Vic Inc) made statements against me.

Mike: And were they patriots or were they just lefties?

Phil: Put them inbetween. They call themselves patriots but all they were interested in was a little bit of attention.

Mike: We can out them later on, right?

Phil: I don’t want to name any names at the moment..I want to wait until after the court, but as soon as I’m free I will be making sure everybody knows exactly who they are….I’ve been letting people know…not on the radio, who to avoid if possible.

Mike: Ok…and as you know people have been setting up Facebook pages to attack me as well. Last I saw there was 6 of them.

Phil: Yeah, we get those people in this movement. …you get nutjobs everywhere….but once we know who they are it’s fairly easy to out them and get rid of them. There’s enough people who are genuinely fighting for what’s right and genuinely want to do something to help.

Mike: Exactly. Alright mate, I wish you all the best…and stay safe, stay strong. You’ve got a lot of support out here and we’re rooting for you.

Phil: Thank you. I’ve got a friend who wants to give you a full written…well, I do a written statement as well. If you’d like to put that out there for me, that would help. I look forward to seeing you on the other side, I suppose.

Mike: Yeah, I hope so. Very soon. Alright mate. Best of luck. Thank you very much.


————— end ————–




Vlad Tepes interviews Mike Holt:

August 8, 2016 — on the arrest of Phil Galea about his arrest as a “terrorist” in Melbourne.

Here is the news report: Police terror raids in Melbourne

HEADLINE: Counter terror authorities carry out raids in Melbourne’s northwest

A RIGHT-wing anti-Islam extremist who was arrested in his underwear at his home in Melbourne’s northwest yesterday claims his arrest is part of a wider conspiracy.

Phillip Galea, 31, who has been affiliated to anti-immigration movements such as Reclaim Australia and the True Blue Crew, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court this morning where he did not apply for bail and was remanded in custody.

But Mr Galea took the opportunity to have a minor rant before more than half-a-dozen reporters who had come to court for his brief appearance.

“I will be fighting these charges. I believe they’re a conspiracy against the patriot movement,” he said.

The court heard Mr Galea had consulted with a lawyer and is expected to apply for bail when his matter returns to court on Tuesday.

The charges come after he was questioned at length at the Australian Federal Police’s Melbourne headquarters.

Mr Galea was arrested by Special Operations Group members at his Ballarat Rd home in Braybrook about 1pm yesterday….

[We believe this story is an attempt to silence those who stand against islamization of our nation ]


August 6, 2016

Truth News Australia: December 12, 2012, part 2 of 2.  On today’s show in the second hour we welcome Mike Holt of Advance Australia.

Restore Australia’s goal is to amend Section 128 of our Constitution to give all Australian voters, as well as the Parliament, the right to initiate a referendum to amend the Constitution.