Omar Mateen Jihad

Information kindly supplied by Ganesh Sahathevan:

Omar Mateen,Florida’s Muslim community, and their castles for jihad -Evidence of passive support for jihadist activities in Florida


Florida has a history of jihadist activity that precedes Omar Mateen’s  massacre.
It was from this state that Sami Al-Arian advanced the course of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. It was also from this state that some $USD1.9 million was sent to jihadist groups in the Middle East (see story below).
At least one school from the state, The Islamic Community School Of Panama City went so far as to seek a fatwa from Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, to aid its fund raising efforts. Qaradawy’s fatwa is telling in that he describes Muslim schools in non-Muslim lands as “castle for  jihad and shields of protection from surrounding evils.”
Omar Mateen did not act alone. Islam supported him

This then is the context of Omar Mateen’s massacre. He did not act alone, and the environment that produced him will produce others like him.

Qaradwi’s fatwa has been mentioned before on this blog in the post
Muslim schools as “castles of jihad” :A source of passive support for terrorism

As readers will note, the fatwa has been used in Australia by Minaret College of Springvale, Victoria, where another Afghan jihadi, Numan Haider, went to school.


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