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Mighty Mo! The "Perfect Man" on his flying white horse
Mighty Mo! The “Perfect Man” on his flying white horse


.Mighty Mo, hero of islam. Follow the adventures of Mighty Mo each week as he rampages across the middle east, listening to voices in his head, whoring with houris, hacking off heads, and generally having fun!

Laugh along with Mighty Mo’s adventures.

  1. Episode 1 — Mighty Mo flies his winged steed Al-Buraq and conjures up a houri
  2. Episode 2 — Mighty Mo arrives in Jeruselem and writes a Sura for his infernal koran
  3. Episode 3 — Like any tourist, MM goes shopping for souveniers
  4. Episode 4 — Mo wakes from his dream and tells the people of Medina that he actually went to Jeruselem. We are already seeing how delusional Might Mo is.
  5. Episode 5 — Pedo Mo engages in some carnal knowledge, until interrupted by Luigi the Centurian
  6. Episode 6 — When we left Mighty Mo last time he was about to be overrun by Jews. Oh what a terrible fate. Jews running riot in the streets, waving their torah’s, demanding death to all followers of Mighty Mo.
  7. Episode 7 — Mo is worried about the Jews outside the tent, and they are worried about their investment in the Bendover Bank
  8. Episode 8 — Mighty Mo and Fizzy Muggles discuss building the mosque
  9. Episode 9 — Mighty Mo and Fizzy discuss women over a drink…of camel urine
  10. Episode 10 — Mighty Mo and Fizzy strive to take Medina
  11. Episode 11 — Mighty Mo quizzes Fizzy on his knowledge about islam…as well as answering some weighty questions
  12. Episode 12 — Mighty Mo gets bored with Fizzy and takes decisive action…but will it stick?
  13. Episode 13 — Oh dear! Fizzy comes back from the dead, while Might Mo tries to close a deal with Foster Foskin (no ‘r’ in his name) the Aussie Ocker to export dates to Horsetraylia!
  14. Episode 14 — The news gets worse for Mighty Mo when he finds out that his favorite Carburetta chocolate is laced with porcine DNA!
  15. Episode 15 — Foster Foskin lays into Mighty Mo and Mo can’t take it….he cries like a baby. Poor little Mo. No longer Mighty.
  16. Episode 16 — Anna Rexic goes to Mighty Mo’s tent to collect her husband Foster Foskin, afraid that if she doesn’t get him out of the tent he may lose his head.
  17. Episode 17 — Mighty Mo’s child bride Aisha is interviewed by the Narrator of Mighty Mo’s stories. She tells him about being courted by Mighty Mo from age six. She confirms that MM consummated the marriage when she was 9, even though she was still playing with her dolls at the time.
  18. Episode 18 — Mighty Mo and Foster Foskin are finding it hard to get along, so Foster, Bluey and Anna Rexit realize it’s time to leave. Anna goes shopping. Meanwhile, the Narrator returns to Mighty Mo’s tent where he meets Osama Bin Liner.
  19. Episode 19 — Some exciting news this time listeners. Foster, Bluey and Anna Rexic have packed their bags, and they are about to head off to the nearest port to sail back to Australia. They are probably a bit early, because Australia has not been discovered yet…unless you believe the claims of the crazy moslems. But be that as it may, let’s head back into Mighty Mo’s tent and listen in to the sad farewells….
  20. Episode 20 — Osama Bin Liner alerts Mighty Mo to rich pickings to be had raiding a caravan near Mecca. They negotiate with Allah the number of virgins islamic martyrs will get, increasing the number from 52 to 72. Truly, Mighty Mo and Allah are amazing!
  21. Episode 21 — The raid on the caravan does not start out so well, but Abdulla al Dull discovers a map of Arabia with devastating consequences for his rear end. Mighty Mo and his band of cutthroats win the battle.
  22. Episode 22 –While the Battle of Badr rages, we have to bring you some disturbing news. It has come to our attention that Allah is very upset with Tim Burton over in UKay. This terrible man has been telling everyone that islam is a load of old cobblers. And to add insult to injury, he has been taunting Allah, saying that his bestial prophet on earth Mighty Mo did the world a favour by lopping off Fizzy Muggles’ head.
  23. Episode 23 –Mohammed’s strategy worked. The men he sent to the battle of Badr returned triumphant, despite being outnumbered. They went into battle believing that they would win either way. You may remember Mohammed told them that if they were killed in battle they would get 72 virgins in Paradise, and if not, they would share the spoils.
  24. Episode 24 — The boys are enjoying their stay in Medina. There is plenty of hashish to smoke. The women are all available….or they will lose their heads. And Mighty Mo is in a good mood for a change. But something is still missing.
  25. Episode 25 — It’s a cold day in hell today because Fizzy Muggles has not been heard crying to the press in UKay. That just means that his nemesis, Tim Burrrton, has not been poking him with a stick lately. Could it be that Tim has been poorly? Or has he just decided that Fizzy is not worth the oxygen? Let’s visit Tim’s tent camped out at Rotherham Common to see what is going on.
  26. Episode 26 — Things are getting very strange over in Mighty Mo’s tent. We have been hearing strange noises in the night….I wonder what is happening over there….let’s see if Might Mo will let us in to find out.
  27. Episode 27 — Today is a very special day in Medina. It’s the annual Medina Allahu Akabar Silver Stakes Cup….the biggest and most exciting horse race in the country of Moland. As you would expect, Mighty Mo plans to enter.
  28. Episode 28 — Here we are at the horse racing mecca of the world, Mecca! The crowd is excited. The women are all in their best burqas….what a delight to see a sea of such cunningly designed black bags. Ima Sultana joins Mighty Mo.
  29. Episode 29 — Last time we left you up in the air, as Mighty Mo took off into the wild blue yonder, mounted on Al Buraq, his fabulous white winged steed. So let’s see if we can catch up with him now and find out how the race is going.
  30. Episode 30 — Our Narrator is sitting astride the rear of Al Buraq, Mighty Mo’s amazing flying white horse. They are heading back down onto the race track where the other horses have been galloping their way around the course, hoping to beat Al Buraq before he lands. But alas and alack, it’s too late….or is it?
  31. Episode 31 — We left Mighty Mo as he slunk off into the distance, his tail, and Al Buraq’s between their legs, ashamed and disgraced for losing the Scimitar Stakes horse race. Let’s join Mighty Mo now to find out what he is doing. Has he lost interest in horse racing?
  32. Episode 32 — Last time we saw Mighty Mo he was plotting his revenge. Now, we must remember that Mo has a mental disease called islam. So he has come up with a dastardly plot to ensure that his followers are just as mentally confused as he is. Let’s listen in now to see what trickery he has come up with.
  33. Episode 33 — In the last show Mighty Mo and your Narrator discussed how Mighty Mo wrote that nasty terrorist training manual the moslems call the Koran. This time, let’s see how Abrogation works in the Koran.
  34. Episode 34 — Our….er…hero…Mighty Mo, may be a very nasty piece of work, but he is a very smart piece of work too. He has delusions of grandeur that extend far into the future. But not even Mighty Mo can foresee how far islam will go, but you and I know, don’t we listeners?
  35. Episode 35 — Mighty Mo gets news of the Man Monis siege in Sydney, Horsetraylia. Mighty Mo discusses it with Fizzy Muggles as he reclines on his cushions, smoking hashish in his hookah, dreaming of world conquest, and unlimited sex for all his followers in Paradise.
  36. Episode 36 — We are privileged today to meet Sir Chauncy Fisher-Schipps, the distinguished Arabic scholar and friend to Laurence of Arabia. Sir Chauncy never got mentioned in the history books because….well…it’s a long story that we will just have to be patient and listen for…
  37. Episode 37 — In this episode we learn what an all-inclusive, helpful, and wonderful religion this islam is that Mighty Mo has spawned. Yes, islam is so helpful that it tells every moslem exactly what to do and how to do it. Indeed, it even tells you how  to shoes your friends….
  38. Episode 38 — Our friendly prophet, Mighty Mo, is a man of prodigious appetites of all types. But his most amazing appetite is his hunger for sex. He has a few wives and untold concubines, slave girls, servants, and even the wives of some of his most loyal supporters. He’s not fussy. But being a prophet is not easy.
  39. Episode 39 — Sir Chauncy Fisher-Schipps returns from the mission Mighty Mo sent him on. They recline on the cushions in MM’s tent as Yukky Kebaby fires up the hookahs with Lebanese Blond hashish.
  40. Episode 40 — Mighty Mo is worried. He has heard rumblings of discontent among his followers. They are complaining about the many slayings Mighty Mo has ordered for those who decide they don’t want to follow him and islam. Let’s listen in to see what people are saying…..
  41. Episode 41 — Islam, the religion of peace, claims in Sura 2 verse 256 that there is no compulsion to convert to islam. This is what Allah, the moon god residing in the black rock inside the Kaaba in Mecca said, when he dictated the Koran to Mohammed…However, Mighty Mo and his followers obviously don’t quite understand the concept.
  42. Episode 42 — Mighty Mo and his mates Yucky Kebabi and Fizzy Muggles have met to plot…er…I mean plan an attack on Mecca, Mighty Mo’s home town.

….and so we come to the end of the first series.

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