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In February 2015 we wrote to Terry Nolan, owner of Nolan Meats which is one of the biggest abattoirs and meat suppliers to the SE Queensland/Sunshine Coast/Gympie area. We asked Terry to stop paying the halal fee, as it is un-Australian and ultimately bad for his business.

Since then, we have learned that not only does he pay the halal certification fee but he employs only islamic slaughtermen, many on 457 visas that deprive Australians of a job. Nolan Meats Gympie also provides an islamic prayer room on the premises of their abattoir.

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The following is his response…..

Terry Nolan <[email protected]>
Date: Feb 26, 2015
to RestoreAustralia

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your email and our subsequent telephone conversation. I regret to say that you are very uninformed about the workings of our business and feel that this email is a waste of time as you didn’t appear to accept any explanation I gave you. I have honoured your request to put in writing what we spoke about but I can’t believe that you are targeting an Australian family owned business because by your own admission you can’t get a response from other large global businesses or the Australian Government Department of Agriculture to whom I directed you to for a full explanation of the Australian Government Authorised Halal Program. (Note: This is a lie. Our calls and emails to government ministers have confirmed that the government has no jurisdiction over the halal scam. It is, to quote many Ministers, “a private business decision”)

Terry Nolan proudly displaying his halal certificate

When I was telling you about our operation you told me that you were just trying to understand. It is a pity you didn’t seek to understand first rather than threaten us with comments like “We are asking you politely now to stop paying this fee. And to make sure you understand how bad it is for Australians and for your business we have started a boycott of your products. You may not feel it at first, but as word spreads you will see the results of this very poor business decision”. Quite offensive and based on a false premise.

To say you are not going to support our products is disappointing but telling me that you buy them from Aldi only highlights that you don’t support us now as we have never sold one gram of meat to Aldi. To say that “Australian consumers are sick of paying for certification costs”, once again, is absolutely incorrect in our case. As I told you, I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that no non-Muslim Australian consumer has paid for (i.e. had passed on, as you allege) any of our certification fees. (Note: Yet another lie. He boasted to RestoreAustralia that he pays islam $0.80c per head, and then he doubles that cost to his final wholesale price, selling his meat with an additional $1.60 added to the cost.)

Our business Nolan Meats is founded on this principle of free choice. (What free choice is there Terry when you deliberately do not label your meat supplied to Australian businesses as halal?)

All religions need money to fund the upkeep of their churches, temples, schools and humanitarian work etc. and they all collect it via different means. Most collect funds by donation and return on investments from those accumulated donations. I am a practising Christian and donate regularly to my denomination. If a certification company has Muslim principals and they donate some of their earnings to fund mosques and schools etc. the same way other religions do I cannot judge or dictate their actions. We sell to people of all denominations and agnostics.

Australia is a free country that is based on individuals exercising their free choice. Australia has gone to war many times to fight to maintain that ability to freely exercise our choice. Free choice also extends to our basic marketing principle of, “Give the customer what they want and charge them accordingly”. If we want to serve a particular market segment and they require a particular certification, of which there are many, we pay for the cost of their auditing to be certified as a supplier to that segment. If we want to serve Organic markets and we do, we pay for the cost of their audit to be Certified as an Organic supplier. The same go for all customers that request a special certification to allow access to that market.

Importantly, we make sure we recoup the cost of that certification in the prices we charge the customers who are asking for that particular certification. We cull bad business, businesses who don’t want to pay what they ask for, because from an ethical standpoint it is just not fair to ask someone to pay for something someone else is requesting . The same could extend down to an individual product e.g. the customer who buys a rolled brisket, will pay more than the customer who buys a flat brisket; there is a cost for us to roll that brisket That is why we produce such a large range of product types. If people weren’t prepared to pay to exercise their choice, we could drastically reduce our product offer. As I was told many times, “Give the customer what they want and charge them accordingly”. The principle still applies.

Halal Certification is the same, we don’t charge the people any extra for Halal certified products if they don’t ask for them. If they do ask for Halal products, we make sure we charge enough to recoup the cost of the Halal certification process, e.g. we sell trim to Middle East markets, which is requesting the assurance of Halal Certification, we charge them extra to recoup the cost of the certification.  A converse argument could be mounted that we are in fact profiteering from these Muslim markets or other markets that ask for a particular certification. If we make additional profit, we naturally pay additional tax to our government, who in turn use that money to preserve our way of life, e.g. fund our defence forces or fund Australia’s assault on terrorists.

I sleep easy knowing that we run a highly ethical business.

If you are really that obsessed with the possible funding of terrorism, do the right thing and start at the primary funding source – Oil.

Anyone who refuses to believe that the wealth of the Middle East has not largely stemmed from oil is dreaming.  The message you should be putting out, is stop using oil based products (fuel, plastics etc.). Stop putting fuel in your car and lead by example. Perhaps you have taken the lazy leaders example and refused to walk the talk.  I have no reservations about the ethical standards of our business in regard to halal and the user pays principle.

Terry Nolan




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