Islamic News Reports

The moslems are well organized, with their own newspapers and magazines, promoting only islamic ideology and businesses.

Queensland Muslim Times Newspaper

The following links take you to their newsletters. We urge visitors to download and read them so that you gain a better understanding of how deeply islam has already infiltrated our society. Note which businesses are halal certified so that you can avoid them. Why should we support islamic businesses when they don’t do anything for us infidels?

This links to the Queensland Muslim Times.

Queensland Muslim Times

Go to Page 5 to see that George Brandis is involved with Rahim GHouse, the islamic terror financier.


Read the UK Muslim News to see their slant on news stories…..


Dabiq is the ISIS newsletter.

his is issue 15 where ISIS says that they hate us and they will kill us if we don’t convert to their idiotic ideology. Killing the French priest has stirred up the Christian hornet’s nest….islam had better remember the Crusaders….but this time We will make sure we finish the job and totally destroy islam. There is no place on our planet for this evil, murderous ideology.


 Download and read the PDF of ISIS Dabiq newsletter here…


More newsletters coming soon…





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