Islamic Charities in Australia

Most Australians are unaware of just how deeply islam has penetrated into our society. Mosque building is just one outward manifestation of the infestation.

Islam has insinuated itself into our banking system with sharia housing and loans.

Islam has over 300 organizations dedicated to spreading and supporting only islam. Compare the lists or charities and islamic organizations to see how much work islam has been doing to undermine our society. This is the list of islamic organizations…so far: Islamic Organizations Australia

There are islamic sharia law courts in Sydney and Melbourne that operate to enforce and dispense sharia law in Australia….an illegal and unconstitutional situation that the politicians are not addressing at all.

The Australia Federal Police have openly admitted that they have well over 200 islamists under surveillance. Yet these potential terrorists are allowed to walk free to plot our destruction. The police and politicians will try to tell us that they leave them free so that they can observe who they associate with.

Perhaps. Perhaps not. The next terror attack will tell everyone how successful this strategy is.

The Big Question — Where are these groups getting their funding?

Al-Imdaad, funded by Saudi Arabia. Dispensing money to terror groups around the world


It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the islamists have access to vast amounts of money. But how do they move it around? How do they transfer funds into and out of Australia without alerting the authorities to their illegal funds transfers? How is it that the ATO has not swooped on the islamists to audit these people?

The answer is, as always, that the islamists are using our own laws against us. They have set up dozens of completely legal tax free “charitable organisations”.

Every islamist is obliged by the koran and the hadiths to donate a portion of their annual income to islam through donations, called “zakat”, to mosques or islamic (and only islamic) charities.

Other islamic charities associated with and possibly funded by Al-Imdaad

What may surprise you is the number of islamic charities that exist today in Australia. RestoreAustralia, through our contacts in financial and legal circles, has received the following list of legally registered islamic charities in Australia. Why does islam needs so many charities? There aren’t that many islamists here…or are there?

Isn’t it time we all start asking these questions?

  1. How many islamists are actually living here in Australia today?
  2. Where does the money donated to islamic charities and mosques go?
  3. Who is tracking the money?
  4. Why aren’t We the People being made aware of this trojan horse in our midst by the media and our government?
  5. Isn’t it time our government agencies responsible for protecting our sovereignty and security conduct a thorough investigation into all these groups, trace the money, and find out if the money is being used to support terrorism?
  6. Isn’t it time that our government prosecute any of these organizations for any crimes they have committee?
  7. Should we have a referendum to ask We the People if we should withdraw tax exempt status from islamic organizations that are not performing purely religious work?

We already know that islamists will take the path of least resistance to corruption whenever there is big money involved. These are just a few examples.

We have already seen evidence of this with the leaders of islamic schools embezzling millions of dollars.

The ex-mayor of Auburn, Salim Mehajer, flaunted his wealth, some of which was obtained through corruption, so blatantly that he is now under investigation for numerous offenses.

In May 2014, the president of the WA Islamic Council Dr Rateb Jneid, 43, was arrested on firearms charge. Two of his brothers, Ziad and Rabih Jneid, pleaded not guilty to drugs charges.

The evidence is out there, yet very few are taking notice. So, ask yourself how much more money has been illegally transferred to islamic terror groups, or embezzled from islamic “charities”?

For the people who are unaware of the extent of islamic apartheid in Australia and the enormous Saudi Petro Halal dollars and taxpayer funded takeover of our land, here is a list of islamic associations, societies and centres, all for one and the same foreign ideology — ISLAM.

This list does not include the islamic mosques/madrasses that approach 500 in mid-2016. Just a year ago we knew about 300 islamic mosques. The mosques are being funded by charitable donations (zakat). All done tax free, becoming your children’s burden.

The Question is…what will you do about it??


  1. Islamic Guidance Society of Australia Inc. Melbourne
  2. Cyprus Turkish Islamic Community Of Victoria Inc. Ardeer
  3. Islamic Malay Australian Association Of NSW Arncliffe
  4. Alandalus Islamic Association Inc. Auburn
  5. Al-Faisal College Limited Auburn
  6. Australian Islamic Cultural Centre Inc. Auburn
  7. Islamic Association Of Western Suburbs Sydney Inc. Auburn
  8. Islamic Relief Australia Auburn
  9. Islamic Science Culture And Art Association Sydney
  10. Islamic Society Of Mackay Inc. Mackay
  11. Islamic Society Of Ballarat Inc. Ballarat
  12. The Hills District Muslim Society Sydney
  13. Turkish Islamic Association Of Qld Bundaberg
  14. Islamic Society Of Darwin Inc. Darwin
  15. Dawate-E-Islami Inc. Sydney
  16. Islamic Council of New South Wales Inc. Sydney
  17. Islamic Association Of Monash Mosque Melbourne
  18. Australian Islamic Social Association Inc. Melbourne
  19. Dandenong Turkish Islamic Cultural Society Inc. Dandenong
  20. Crescents of Brisbane Inc. Brisbane
  21. Islamic Social Services Agency (I.S.S.A.) Inc.. Sydney
  22. Islamic Medical Association Of Queensland Inc. Gatton
  23. Al Noor Islamic Association Sydney
  24. Green Valley Islamic College Sydney
  25. Al-Rachad Islamic Association Incorporated Sydney
  26. Islamic Help Australia Sydney
  27. El Sedeaq Islamic Society Melbourne
  28. Islamic Society Of Holland Park Inc. Brisbane
  29. Werribee Islamic Centre Limited Melbourne
  30. Horsham Islamic Welfare Association (Hiwa) Inc. Horsham
  31. Islamic College Of Brisbane Limited Brisbane
  32. Australian Islamic College Perth Inc. Perth
  33. Keysborough Turkish Islamic & Cultural Centre Melbourne
  34. Muslim Funeral Services Ltd Brisbane
  35. Bayt Al-Zakat Australia Sydney
  36. Islamic Women’s Welfare Association (NSW) Sydney
  37. Lebanese Muslim Association Sydney
  38. Muslim Women Association Sydney
  39. Islamic Development Organisation Inc. Sydney
  40. Islamic Education Institute Inc. Sydney
  41. Islamic Society of Lutwyche Inc. Brisbane
  42. Islamic Society Of Melbourne Eastern Regions Inc. Melbourne
  43. Islamic Society Of Geelong Geelong
  44. Islamic Society of Mareeba Mareeba
  45. Islamic Centre Of Newcastle Newcastle
  46. Oromo Islamic Resource Centre Inc. Melbourne
  47. Australian Muslims Fund Inc. Sydney
  48. The Turkish Islamic Society Mildura Inc.. Mildura
  49. Al Sadiq Foundation Ltd. Melbourne
  50. Suburban Islamic Association Sydney
  51. Canberra Islamic Centre Inc. Canberra
  52. Islamic Alawi Centre Of Tasmania Inc.. Hobart
  53. Islamic Association Of Launceston Inc. Perth
  54. Australian Islamic College Of Sydney Sydney
  55. The Newport Islamic Society Inc. Melbourne
  56. Noorul Islam Society Perth
  57. The Albanian Australian Islamic Society Melbourne
  58. The Regional New South Wales Islamic Centre Inc.. Orange
  59. Islamic Society Of Darra Inc. Brisbane
  60. Islamic Society Of South Aust Inc. Adelaide
  61. Redfern Islamic Society Inc.. Sydney
  62. Islamic Society Of Queensland Inc.. Brisbane
  63. Islamic Centre Of Ryde Inc.. na
  64. Islamic Education Institute Incorporated Sydney
  65. Islamic Cultural Centre of Brisbane Ltd Brisbane
  66. Islamic Women’s Association Of Qld Inc. Brisbane
  67. Islamic Practice And Dawah Circle Inc.. Sydney
  68. Islamic Council Of Queensland Incorporated Brisbane
  69. Islamic Society Of New South Wales Sydney
  70. Australian Muslim Volunteer Network (AMVN) Sydney
  71. Australian National Islamic Library Canberra
  72. Toowoomba Islamic Charitable Trust Toowoomba
  73. Townsville Islamic Society Inc. Townsville
  74. The Trustee For Islamic Shia Council Of Queensland Brisbane
  75. Muslim Charitable Foundation Brisbane
  76. Newcastle Muslim Association Incorporated Newcastle
  77. Islamic Centre Sheikh Albani Incorporated Sydney
  78. The Trustee for Saarban Islamic Trust Sydney
  79. Australian Federation of Islamic Coordinating Council Sydney
  80. Islamic Charity Projects Assoc. Inc. Sydney
  81. Muslim Aid Australia Sydney
  82. Alzahra Australian Multicultural Islamic Ass of WA Perth
  83. Bonnyrigg Turkish Islamic Cultural Assoc. Sydney
  84. Islamic Association of Bunbury Inc. Bunbury
  85. Cairns & District Islamic Cultural & Building Trust Cairns
  86. Broadmeadows Turkish Islamic & Cultural Centre Melbourne
  87. Sydney Turkish Islamic Culture and Mosque Assoc. Sydney
  88. NSW Islamic Social and Cultural Association Inc. Sydney
  89. Arrahman Islamic Centre Inc.. Sydney
  90. The Murray Bridge Islamic and Islamic Cultural Ed Murray Bridge
  91. Albanian Islamic Society of Dandenong Inc. Melbourne
  92. Al-Tawheed Islamic Association of WA Inc. Perth
  93. Alice Springs Islamic Society Alice Springs
  94. Alsalaam Islamic Society of Western Australia Perth
  95. Ashfield Islamic Society Inc. Sydney
  96. Association of Islamic Dakwah in WA Inc. Perth
  97. Auburn Islamic Community Centre Sydney
  98. Australia Bangladesh Islamic Council Inc. Melbourne
  99. Australian Bosnian Islamic Centre Melbourne
  100. Australian Islamic Assistance Organisation Inc. Sydney
  101. Australian Islamic Education Board Inc. Sydney
  102. Australian Islamic Mission Incorporated Sydney
  103. Australian Islamic Social Association Inc. Melbourne
  104. Bangladesh Islamic Centre Sydney
  105. Blacktown Islamic Association Sydney
  106. Bosna & Hercegovina Islamic Society Melbourne
  107. Australian Islamic Forum Melbourne
  108. Biloela Islamic Society Ltd Biloela
  109. Central Coast Islamic Cultural Centre Ltd Wyong
  110. Islamic Museum of Sydney Limited Sydney
  111. Markaz-Ul-Ilm Centre of Islamic Learning Limited Brisbane
  112. Islamic Society Of Gold Coast Inc. Gold Coast
  113. United Muslim Residents Association Melbourne
  114. United Muslim Migrants Association Of Victoria Inc. Melbourne
  115. Al Ansar Islamic Association Incorporated Sydney
  116. Australian Islamic College (Kewdale) Parents And F Perth
  117. Bosnian Islamic Society Perth W.A. Incorporated Perth
  118. Dar Al Shifah (Islamic) Inc.. Perth
  119. Furqan Islamic Association Of Western Australia In Perth
  120. Islamic Council Of Victoria Inc. Melbourne
  121. Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia Inc. Sydney
  122. Islamic Education & Welfare Association Dandenong Melbourne
  123. Islamic Path Radio Australia Limited Sydney
  124. Islamic Society Of Belconnen Canberra
  125. Islamic Society Of Illawarra Sydney
  126. Islamic Society of Victoria Melbourne
  127. Malek Fahd Islamic School Limited Sydney
  128. Southern Districts Islamic Institution Building Fo Claremont
  129. The Charitable Islamic Association Of Beirut City Sydney
  130. The Newport Islamic Society School & Education Bui Melbourne
  131. The Trustee for Moorooka Islamic Charitable Trust Brisbane
  132. The Trustee For The East Preston Islamic College B Melbourne
  133. The Trustee For The Foundation For The Islamic Mus Melbourne
  134. United Ahlusannahwal Jamaah Islamic Council Inc. Ambarvale
  135. United Australian Islamic Association Inc. Perth
  136. Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited Sydney
  137. AL-EHSAN CENTRE INC. Melbourne
  138. Al-Mustapha Institute Of Brisbane Brisbane
  139. Australian Iraqi Muslim Society Inc. Sydney
  140. Brisbane Muslim Burial Services Brisbane
  141. Muslim Care Sydney
  142. Victoria Myanmar Muslim Community Incorporated Melbourne
  143. Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia Sydney
  144. Canberra Muslim Community Incorporated Canberra
  145. Muslim Global Aid Limited Sydney
  146. Muslim Organisation Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast
  147. Muslim Welfare Society Ltd. Sydney
  148. Muslimvillage Incorporated Sydney
  149. The Muslim League Of NSW Inc. Sydney
  150. Aman College Ltd Australia
  151. Imam Ali Ltd Kemps Creek
  152. Croatian Islamic Centre Inc. Melbourne
  153. Islamic Society of the Australian Capital Territory Canberra
  154. Mareeba Islamic Society Mareeba
  155. Panjtan Society of Victoria Melbourne
  156. Muslim Association of Riverina Wagga Wagga Inc. Wagga Wagga
  157. Perth Mosque Inc. Perth
  158. Albanian Moslem Society Shepparton Inc. Shepparton
  159. Muslim Aid Limited Sydney
  160. Afghan Community Support Association of NSW Inc. Sydney
  161. MAA Local Sydney
  162. MAA International Sydney
  163. Muslim Women’s Council Melbourne
  164. Trustee for Muslim Charitable Foundation, The Brisbane

Are you worried yet? You should be!


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