ICWA Admits Supporting Terrorism

The Islamic Council of Western Australia is a mine of useful information. But the most revealing document on their website is this one:
ICWA President’s Report

ICWA Report sending funds to islamic groups in Syria — click on image to view full size

We have always known that the Australian moslems have been sending money to islamic groups that are tied to terrorist groups. We have also said that the money from halal funds terrorism. But until now we have not had any direct proof.

Now we have proof. Read the paragraph in the attached image next to the red dot.

Rateb Jneid is the same man who was arrested after WA police busted a huge Perth methylamphetamine supply chain that netted police more than $8 million of the drug.

Five men and a woman have been charged, including the president of the WA Islamic Council Dr Rateb Jneid, 43, who faces a firearms charge.

The media report stated that Detective Inspector Chris Adams said police had effectively cracked the back of a national drug smuggling racket and the methamphetamine seizure was one of the “most significant” in recent times.

As you read the report it becomes clear that Jneid is a major criminal. So it is especially galling to read their website to realise how hard they have been working to limit the damage patriots have been inflicting on islam in WA. Their efforts to shut up the cartoonist, Dean Alston, for daring to publish cartoons critical of islam are alarming.

The report predicts an increase in the imposing the halal scam on yet more Australian companies. Where does that money go?

Rateb Jneid the criminal with two empty headed left wing islam-appeasing traitors to Australia
Rateb Jneid the criminal with two empty headed left wing islam-appeasing traitors to Australia

Obviously, at least some of it was included in the donations to Syrian “islamic charities” that have been proved to have direct links with terrorist groups. In other words, the money we have paid each time we go shopping has contributed to the bullets used to kill our troops!

The Islamic Council of Western Australia (ICWA) is a regional Muslim body functioning under the auspices of Australian Federation of Islamic Council also known as Muslims Australia. ICWA is a registered religious association acting as a council of member WA Muslim organisations.

These criminals hide behind their “religion”, evade paying taxes on the money they are stealing from us, and then scream “islamaphobia”, “racism”, and “bigot” when we challenge them.

Islam is a criminal conspiracy. Even if not all moslems are criminals, they all belong to the islamic organization. It’s time for our government to convene a Royal Commission into the activities of islam in Australia. The halal scam, their use of “religion” to get away with criminal enterprises, their terrible treatment of women (burqa, female genital mutilation), and even gun and drug running, all must be investigated. If/When found to be a criminal enterprise, We the Australian People demand that islam be declared a criminal organization and that it be banned forever from Australia. We cannot afford to have islam in our nation. It is diametrically opposed to everything Australians stand for.