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One Australian company that boasts about the money they rort from Australians through the halal certification scam is Nolan Meats of Gympie.

Terry Nolan , the owner of Nolan Meats, Gympie, admitted to us that he pays $0.80 per head. and he then doubles that fee to pass the cost on to the consumer at $1.60 a head. Good business practice would mean that not only the cost of halal certification is factored into the prices he charges, but the cost of re-configuring his abattoir, paying 457 visa workers, maintaining the islamic prayer room and other unseen costs, all contribute to the overall running costs of his business. The Australian consumer pays for all those additional costs.

Terry Nolan refused to answer whether his abattoir is fully configured for halal slaughter, but ex-employees have stated that it is, as it wouldn’t be economical for Nolans to section off part of their abattoir just for halal slaughter. They also confirmed that there is an islamic prayer room on the premises. The islamic workers are permitted to pray there during working hours. Australian workers get no time off to compensate them for the additional work this puts on their shoulders.

What is worse, information given to us by Gympie ex-employees shows that the company is not labeling meat shipped to Australian markets with the halal logo. Yet the whole factory employs halal slaughter methods, so of course all the meat is halal.

Our enquiries at a popular wholesale butchery on the Sunshine Coast revealed that they are buying Nolan mean, yet they denied it was halal at first until we asked again. They finally admitted that all their Nolan meat is halal….it’s just not labeled halal when it arrives at their premises.The companies selling halal products know it is halal, yet they are lying to the Australian public about it.

You have to wonder why, don’t you?

Unfortunately, Nolan Meats is not alone. At last count there were about 100 abattoirs still operating in Australia, and at least 80% are paying halal certification fees from a few thousand dollars a year and upwards, depending on the size of the abattoir and throughput.