Halal and Terrorism

The President of the Islamic Council of WA, (Dr) Rateb Jneid, who was arrested for his involvement in a drug ring, admitted to funding terrorism, although he didn’t realize how much he was admitting at the time.

He stated, “… Our Halal subcommittee now is functional and income starts coming Alhamdulillah (meaning ‘all Praise and thanks be to God’).

“Our next aim is to expand Halal certification for local and international business insha’Allah (God willing).

“In our Masjid (mosque), many activities were conducted by our resident Imam Hisham Obeid.

Over the year the Masjid has continued to assist other associations by allowing the facility (halal certification setup) to be used, Alhamdullah.”  (note that he doesn’t specify which associations….but it is clear that he is referring to other mosques and “islamic charities” which have ties to terrorist groups…see below for more information)

(Dr) Jneib’s annual report continued, “During the year ICWA (the Islamic Council of WA) has made ongoing donations to Syria because of the difficult civil conditions.

The donations were made through al Imdaad charity, to ensure that no recriminations could be directed at ICWA.”

Sgd Dr Rateb Jneid
President- Islamic Council of WA

The al Imdaad charity is a front for islamic terror groups that has raised millions of dollars to give to supposedly charitable organisations.

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With branches across Europe, Canada, Australia and North America al Imdaad have supported ISIS in Syria and northern Iraq. They claim to be a charitable organization, but they are directly linked to IRFAN (International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy), another proscribed charitable organization. IRFAN Canada transferred approximately $14.5 million to various terrorist organisations including Hamas.

Mosques and muslim groups in Australia are directly contributing to Al Imdaad.

Muslim Aid Australia & Human Appeal International

Both these islamic charities have been shown to be have been involved in the financing of terrorism. HAI is been actively collecting funds for distribution in Gaza.

HAI Australia is a fund raising unit of HAI International”s head office in the UAE. While this information is of itself not new, it confirms that HAI Australia is not independent of the head office, an impression one is given reading the HAI Australia website.

HAI UAE does not disclose an operational office in Gaza , while HAI Australia states it is “one of only a few humanitarian organisations with an office in the heart of Gaza.”

This inconsistency suggests an attempt to conceal the fact that funds are being sent to Gaza, and probably, to HAMAS. However, we do know that HAI UAE founder and secretary-general, Salem Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimi, maintains 30 separate accounts in the UAE to manage HAI funds. (Information supplied by our inside banking source)

Human Appeal International maintains an account in Australia with:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB: 062-191, Account Number for General Donations: 0090-3948


Muslim Aid Australia


MAA used Interpal – an organisation proscribed by former foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer and declared a “specially designated global terrorist” organisation by US President George W. Bush in 2003 – to distribute medical aid in Gaza.Interpal is a British-based humanitarian group also known as the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund.

MAA has been cleared of terror links by the British Charity Commission but failed three years ago to have its proscribed listing revoked in Australia, when lawyers for the group unsuccessfully petitioned Mr Downer.

Headquartered in London, with offices in Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Leicester, Interpal runs a registered and staffed field office in the Gaza Strip where it funnels money to various groups, including HAMAS.

In 2003 it was demonstrated that Interpal received funds from the Netherlands Al-Aqsa Foundation, already banned in the UK as a Hamas terror front.

In July 2016 we received the following information from a US Government investigation into terrorist funding. Their investigations showed clearly that Zakat, donations all islamists must give to islamic bodies such as mosques and charities, was being funneled to islamic terrror groups like Al Qaeda. Zakat is paid by all the halal certifiers as part of their islamic sharia obligations. Therefore, although there is no direct link it is clear that a considerable amount of the roughly $2.8 Trillion Zakat money each year is being funneled to islamic terrorist groups.

These documents show how the money trail works:

The members of the US Government investigation into halal funding


The commission found proof that Zakat funds were being funneled to terrorist groups


The report continued exposing the money trail from zakat through mosques and islamic charities to terrorist groups

Despite the evidence that is clearly available to our government, these islamic charitable groups and mosques continue to operate here in Australia without any apparent interference. Donations to these organizations come from many sources. And as funds from the Jizya, an islamic tax all moslems are required to pay, is donated to islamic charities it is clear that they are all complicit in funding terrorist groups around the world.

How much more proof do we need to provide before our government wakes up and does something about it?