Comparing Values

People often ask what is the difference between our culture and islamic culture. Apart from the obvious differences in dress, don’t they worship the same god and share the same values as we do?

The answer to these questions often surprises people.

Islam is diametrically opposed to everything we in the west stand for. Freedom and democracy do not and can never exist under islam.

The fact is, Mohammad wrote the koran (quar’an) after having visions, claiming everything he wrote down was handed to him by the Archangel Gabriel.  He also claimed to have traveled on a winged white horse to Jeruselem. He experienced the visions after fasting, which is well known to produce vivid hallucinations.

Allah was a rock that was worshipped by the Khorreshi tribe long before Mohammad was born. He adopted it and declared it was the islamic god. Historians have often declared that Allah is actually a form of Satan. Islam calls him Shaitan. The koran declares Mohammad “the great deceiver (liar)”, and studies of the koran have found it strange that some of the verses giving Mohammad permission to act in an immoral manner, such as marrying the wife of a Jew whose husband he killed was acceptable.

Mohammad married Aisha at 6 years old, often played sex games with her by rubbing his penis on her thighs. This is known as “thighing” in islam. Mohammad consummated the marriage when she was 9 years old.

There are plenty of other examples of Mohammae’s immoral and criminal behaviour throughout the koran.

Mohammad also held himself up as “the perfect man”, and this is the man all islamic men are supposed to emulate.

Sharia Law is based on the koran, sira and the hadiths…the story of Mohammad’s life written by scribes after his death. Often, the sira and hadiths were written hundreds of years after his death. It is impossible to believe they could possibly describe his life accurately, even if they were based on stories handed down from generation to generation.

Sharia Law says all Infidels must be killed if we don’t convert to islam

Islamic culture is based on these extremely imperfect documents, yet islamists claim they are the word of god and therefore must be obeyed without question. Nor can the koran ever be changed, as Mohammad himself declared that every word is the word of god and therefore completely perfect. A ludicrous idea, but that is islam for you!

Here is a list of our Australian values compared to Islamic values. Which ones would you prefer to live under?


Australian Values

Islamic Values

A pluralist democratic system with free and secret voting and regular elections Islamic democracy is a political ideology that seeks to apply Islamic principles to public policy within a democratic framework. This form of “democracy” exists uncomfortably in only a few islamic countries
Acceptance of the majority vote, and self-restraint by victors in the use of democratic power Coups and violent overthrow of ruling regimes is common in islamic countries
Peaceful and lawful settlement of disagreements without recourse to violence Sharia law is used to adjudicate disputes. Violence is often employed as punishment for those who go against sharia law
Support for law and order Freedom of political opinion While there is law and order in islamic countries according to sharia law, there is no Freedom of political opinion. Those who voice their opinion are often killed
Freedom to read, write and publish material except to the extent that such material may untruthfully defame or threaten the safety of others None
Freedom of political and other association in civil society None
Freedom of worship and freedom to proselytize, subject to respect for the similar rights of others None
Independence of the state from religious institutions and religious tests Sharia religious law is indivisible from government
The English language as the basis for national dialogue, political activity, broader community interaction, and law Arabic is the islamic language
Equal respect and equal treatment for men and women before the law and in society generally Women have half the value of a man. They have no freedoms. They are completely subservient to men.
Respect for human rights and dignity, and non-discrimination against people on grounds of sex, sexuality, religion or ethnic origin to the extent that these are incompatible with the principle of individual merit None
The rule of law – with an independent judiciary, and application of the single system of national law equally to all people None. Islamic sharia law is the only law allowed, administered by religious leaders
Acceptance of the multiethnic roots of the population and tolerance of cultural differences, subject to observance of Australian law; but refusal of the right of any religious or ethnic minority to reject or subvert the majority culture None. Islam hates all other religions.
Belief in education, self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence The only education allowed under islam is reading the koran. While islamists can and do get a western education, the majority of islamists never have the opportunity
Belief in the work ethic Belief in equality of opportunity Islam still uses slavery. In countries that can afford it local islamists are encouraged not to work. Instead, they study the koran and pray.
Compassion for the disadvantaged and victims of misfortune Compassion is shown only to islamists, and even then charity is usually given in a religious context.
Belief in and support for community Islam is xenophobic. Islamists do not integrate into a foreign community.
Quiet pride in national identity and national achievements Islam is loyal only to the Umma (the islamic nation)