Ever since Mohammad stalked the earth, slaying thousands as he grew his islamic ideology the killing has never stopped. It is difficult to give a complete figure of the total killed, but a rough estimate puts the figure at close to a billion people dead at the hands of islam. […]

The Rising Islamic Death Toll

While we are focused on the expansion of islam throughout the civilized world very little thought seems to have been given to the reasons why the floodgates have been opened to allow mass migrations. The obvious question is, who is funding the millions of people who have spilled out of […]

Population Control?

Australians face a difficult and dangerous situation today….brought to us by the ruling political elite who have opened our borders to masses of islamists. Islam is viewed by many Australians as a dangerous theological, political and social construct as it consists of elements including murder, rape, paedophilia, anti-Semitism, the mass […]

Who Do We Trust?

Thanks to Stephen Knapp for providing this fascinating look at the Taj Mahal.Visit the original website here: As usual, islam has usurped a building as part of their conquest, and lied to everyone about the origin of the Taj Mahal. Read this, the real history….   The True Story […]

The True Story of the Taj Mahal

This report is taken from The Terror Finance Blog. It shows how long Australian moslems have been involved in financing terrorism here in Australia. Written by our correspondent who has been investigating islamic financing and its links to terrorism for more than a decade. NOTE: Some links and names may […]

Australia’s Human Appeal Terrorist Financing

ISLAM SETTING AUSTRALIA ON FIRE ~ By Mike Holt UPDATE: March 31, 2017 The Arson continues with an old Anglican church on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula has been ravaged by flames in a suspicious blaze. The fire broke out at the Holy Trinity Anglican church in Hastings just after 4am and […]

Islamic Arson Jihad

We have found out some disturbing new information about the Shady Sheik, Zainadine Johnson, the new imam of the Sunshine Coast mosque. Shady has two teenage sons and a teen daughter that he has sent to Turkey to study. Apparently, the Australian secular education system is not good enough for […]

Shady Sheik and Khalid Yasin

This is a humorous approach to educating the socialist islam-appeasing bleeding hearts. A Canadian female liberal wrote a lot of letters to the Canadian government, complaining about the treatment of captive insurgents (terrorists) being held in Afghanistan National Correctional System facilities. She demanded a response to her letter. She received […]

Adopt a Terrorist

Shady Sheik Zainadine Johnson, the new imam of the Sunshine Coast mosque at 14 Church Street, Maroochydore, has a very interesting history. Johnson was Christened Zean by his parents, but he was called Zonk in his early days when he was known as a local “rock star” playing in a […]

The Shady Sheik