Buy and Return Halal

What can we do to stop the halal certification scam?

We have a few options open to us. The first is People Power.

Buy your stickers and help raise awareness of the halal scam!
Buy your stickers and help raise awareness of the halal scam! (Click on the image to go to the order page)

We all need to eat, and because of that we hold the purse strings to the halal business. If we all work together to deny the moslems the revenue they have been raking in we can put a stop to the halal scam.

One of the most effective ways to stop bad business practices is to hit them in the bottom line.

The Buy Halal and Return campaign gives ordinary shoppers the power to take action any time they go shopping.

It’s very easy to do and perfectly legal.

Here’s how it works:

  1. While shopping pick up one or more halal certified products.
  2. Make sure you get your receipt at the checkout.
  3. Leave the store.
  4. Mark the outer packaging with a pen, or tear a little bit off it.
  5. Return to the store and ask for a refund. You can tell the store that you do not want to buy anything blessed by a non-Christian god, or you can simply say that you do not want to contribute to supporting islam.
  6. The shop will refund your money. They will not be able to put the product back on the shelf as it has been marked or damaged in some way. They lose a sale.

If we all do this the deluge of returned products will grow to intolerable proportions and the shops, wholesalers, and manufacturers will soon learn that halal certified products do not pay.

At the same time you can help raise awareness by plastering our stickers everywhere. Click on this link to buy your: Beware Halal stickers (Australian orders) or Beware Halal Stickers (International)

Flyer Campaign

We can reach out to other shoppers to educate them. Print out a few of these flyers and take them whenever you go shopping to put on shop shelves. We are targeting Vegemite this year, because the boycott against Cadbury has been so successful:

Halal Vegemite? It’s un-Australian! (Click on the image to expand to full size before saving to your hard disk)

We can stop the halal scam by taking just one step at a time. We call this the Raindrop Movement. One raindrop on its own has no power. But a deluge of raindrops has tremendous power.

If each one of us does just one thing a day to help bring about change, we can all make a difference.