A Halal Interview

We all know that Halal Certification is nothing more than a money-generating scam imposed on the consumer by Islam and how it further advances its agenda via this financing. It might as well be called a jizya tax on the kuffar. Tonight, Mike Holt has a conversation with Dr Aliakbar Jafari about Halal Certification. This is an IAW Exclusive.

The top 10 food processors in the world all pay the halal certification fee…

Halal certification is nothing more than an islamic scam, as Mike points out during the interview.

Dr Aliakbar Jafari

Dr Jafari is Director of MSc International Marketing Programme and member of Research Management Group in the Department of Marketing. He is also member of the University of Strathclyde Business School’s Internationalisation Committee. Read his  biography   here

Mike Holt is the Leader of  Advance Australia Party  which is about uniting people to use Citizens Initiated Referendums to create a new government system for Australia that is fair for all. He is also the author and webmaster of CIRNow.com, Islam4Infidels.com, and OzReferenda.com.au.

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Mike Holt is Interviewed by Dr Aliakbar Jaffari