Islam4Infidels contains information about islam that all non-moslems should know.

Islam is a total immersion, totalitarian legal, political, economic, social, and military system of government wrapped in a thin skin of religion.

Just one of the 109 verses of hate in the koran that urge all islamists to convert or kill non-moslems

We often hear that islam is a peaceful religion, or that not all moslems are violent. But these opinions are based on a false view of islam put out by islamists or their appeasers.

The fact is, all moslems believe in the same moon god Allah. They all follow the same false prophet Mohammad. They all put sharia law above the laws of any country they live in. This makes even the “nice” moslems you might know very dangerous. We have seen these same nice moslems turn violent as soon as there are large enough numbers of them in a community. This article explains what can happen when we let islamists come to live among us: When muslims betray non-muslim friends

The fact is, we can not trust any moslem, because they do not believe in our laws. Nor will they ever integrate. They expect us to bend to their religious demands instead. This is simply unacceptable to us Australians.

Under islam:

  • Sharia law is the only law allowed
  • Punishments under sharia law include stoning, hanging, and beheading
  • There is no freedom. Islam does not allow democracy
  • No alcohol, and no entertainment is permitted
  • Women are considered to be half the value of a man
  • Gays are hated and killed
  • Girls can be married off before puberty
  • Female genital mutilation is common
  • Anyone who leaves islam is under an automatic sentence of death

Is this the sort of culture you want to live under in Australia?

If not, please browse around our website and learn all you can about islam so that you understand why we say islam must be banned from Australia if we are to keep our freedoms and the way of life we all value so much.

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